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ACRO CONSTRUCTION AIDS PVT. LTD 'Acro House' 5/3, Kirti Nagar, Industrial Area, New Delhi 110 015    ACRO, ACROCURE, ACROMOL, ACROMOV, ACROKLEENSOL Construction chemicals Yr.1993 - IS 2645 - Include normal/quick setting waterproofing compound, leak plugging & waterproofing compound, curing compound based on resins & synthetic wax emulsion, mould/shutter release agent, concrete removers, solvent based cleaners and degreasers. ACROCOTE, ACROCRETE, ACROFEX, ACROFLO, ACRO PLASTER, ACROSUPAFLO Admixtures Yr.1993 - IS 9103, ASTM C-260, ASTM C-494-1986 - Include polymer modified cementitious waterproofing slurry, polymer admixture for cement/mortar composite, waterproofing polymer modified flexible membrane, water reducing set retarders, mortar plasticisers, water reducing plasticisers, AEA, chloride free accelerators, air entraining-cum-water reducers, etc. ACROMIN Bitumen for waterproofing Yr.1993 - Include bitumen modified waterproofing & protective coating systems and polymer modified bitumen emulsion gel for waterproofing. ACROPOXY Epoxy based sealants Yr.1993 - Include concrete bonding agent, repair mortar, low viscosity primer system, plasticised coal tar enamel modified with epoxy resins, etc. ACRONITE Floor hardeners Yr.1993 - Include non-metallic floor & surface hardener and shake-on powder. ACRONITE Grouts Yr.1993 - Include expanding grout admixture and ready-to-use grout with non-shrink and free flow properties. ACROGRIP Tile adhesive Yr.1993 - Polymer modified.