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INMARCO INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE PVT. LTD 257, Sanjay Building No. 5-B, Mittal Industrial Estate, Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 059 (Mh)    THERM-TECH, UNI-TECH, CEMENTONE, MC PRIMER Construction chemicals Yr.1995 - BS 5650, EN 9001-1987, ISO 9001 - (i) Tile adhesives, tile joint fillers & multi-purpose adhesives. (ii) A range of super plasticizers, AEA, water reducers, acclerators, set retarders, mortar plasticisers, etc. (iii) Integral waterproofing compound, silicone based water repellent, etc. (iv) Chemical protection system. (v) Refined bitumen & natural rubber latex waterproofer-cum-bonding agent and a bitumen waterproofing system. (vi) Specially formulated solution for the removal and prevention of unsightly green slime, moss and algae. (vii) Clear water- based floor sealer. (viii) Mould release agent. (ix) Concrete dust proofer & hardener and medium, heavy & extra heavy duty floor hardeners. (x) Epoxy resin-based system, PU resin floor coating, aliphatic PU coating, epoxy resins high build system and pitch epoxy based system. (xi) Protection systems for floor, walls, masonry, roofs, steel surfaces, etc. to protect against dust, grafitti, chemicals, mould, etc. (xii) Synthetic modified cementitious repair mortar, styrene butadene rubber based grout, non-metallic grout, pressure injection grout, etc. (xiii) Surface retarder, pigmented wax based curing compound, water based curing membrane, etc. (xiv) Latex modified sub-flooring compound, self smoothing sub-flooring compound, etc. (xv) Water based solar reflective coating. (xvi) Water based & solvent based primers. Manufactured in collaboration with Cementone Beavet Ltd, UK. (xvii) Grouts. (xviii) Admixtures in cement/concrete. (xix) Non-slip floor protection systems. (xx) Water based wall protection system. (xxi) Masonary clear waterproofing protection.