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An Emagazine for construction industry only one of its kind in india. Articles of interest from the best in industry.

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AQUOLAC PAINTS 39, Shardhanand Marg, Delhi 110 006 (Del)    AQUOPLAST, SILIE, AQUOLAC, ARCOCEM, AQUOTEX, OASIS, AQUOLITE Paints IS 133, IS 157, IS 158, IS 162, IS 168, IS 427, IS 2339, IS 2932, IS 3537, IS 5410 - Include acrylic emulsions, aluminium paints, decorative cement paints, dry & oil based distempers, enamel paints, flat oil paints, textured coatings, ready mix paints, acid alkali resistant synthetic paints, fire resisting paints, chlorinated rubber paints, roof paint, anti-corrosive bituminous acid, alkali & heat resisting paint, etc. AQUOLITE, AQUOLAC, AQUAFILLA Primers IS 2074 - Metal, wood, red oxide zinc chromate and cement primers. Also include expansion fillers and thinners. AQUOLAC, SILCOAT, AQOPLAST Admixtures in cement/concrete - A range of admixtures which include curing liquid, accelerator, rapid hardener for cement & concrete, silicone based liquid, AEA, super plasticiser, concrete hardener, etc. DUROSEAL, PERMOSEAL Waterproofing compound IS 2645-1975 ANTMER White ant killer chemical