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CHEMBOND CHEMICALS INDIA PO Box No. 205, Vashi Post Office, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400 703 (Mh)    KEL SUPLAST, KEM PLAST, KEM PLAST M, KEM AEA-10, KEM CUREAID 2, KEM IWC, KEM PWC, KEM MRA, KEM BONDAID, KEM TILEAID, KEM SUPERSHOT, KEM BLOCKAID Construction chemicals - Superplasticizers for concrete, liquid plasticizers for concrete with built-in biocides, liquid mortar plasticizers, multipurpose block additive for cement-concrete blocks, air-entraining admixture for concrete, curing agents for concrete surfaces, integral waterproofing compound, multipurpose polymers, mould releasing agents, polymer for binding new concrete to old concrete, tile fixing adhesive and admixture for dry mix shotcreting and guinting.