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CHEMISOL ADHESIVES PVT. LTD 7/10, Botawala Building, II Floor, 8, Horniman Circle, Fort, Mumbai 400 023 (Mh)    CHEMISTIK, CHEMICRETE Admixtures in cement/concrete IS 2645, IS 9103-1979 - Integral waterproof liquid admixtures, polymer acrylic admixtures, polycrete admixtures, concrete curing membranes, AEA, water reducers, plasticisers, retarders-cum-plasticisers, accelerators, etc. CHEMISTIK, ARGUS PREMIUM Epoxy resin products - Include slurry mortar, epoxy based coating, epoxy TAC coats, coal tar epoxy, high build epoxy flooring, epoxy slurry grout, marine epoxy, epoxy mortars, epoxy paints, etc. CHEMISTIK Chemicals for waterproofing Yr.1980 - Various types of single/two-component chemicals, water thinnable epoxy coatings, polyurethane-waterproofing membranes, rubberised waterproof coatings, damp proofers, damp proof coating, white/clear waterproofers, bituminous rubber coatings, etc. CHEMISTIK, ARGUS Construction chemicals - Elastomeric high build coating, high build masonry coatings, acrylic based masonry coatings, rubberised joint fillers, dust proofer-cum-floor hardeners, floor resurfacers, chlorinated rubber paints, acrylic co-polymer based anti-condensation paints, dust proofer, tile glue, tile grout powder, zinc rich primers, anti-corrosive coatings, etc. CHEMISTIK Sealants Yr.1980 - Include acrylic based crackseal white caulking compounds, CM seal compounds, clear paste binders, synthetic binders, butyl-polybutene rubber based plastic sealants, polyurethane sealant and silicone sealants. CHEMISTIK Lacquers - Include stone lacquers and clear polyurethane lacquers. CHEMISTIK Flooring products