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PAGEL CONCRETE TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD 3-G-1, Court Chambers, III Floor, New Marine Lines, Mumbai 400 020 (Mh)    RHEOPLAST, PAGELCOTE, CONCREFLEX, RHEOSEAL, ITALICA, PAGEL TOP, PAGEL COTE, CONCREBOND, BARCOTE, CONCREMIX, REPCRETE Construction chemicals - Include melamine based high range water reducers, & retarding plasticisers, napthalene based retarders, plasticisers for normal grades of concrete, cementitious premixed powder, single polymer modified premixed powders, polymer based flexible coatings, integral liquid waterproofing admixtures, non-ferrous premixed cementitious floor hardeners, polymer additives for cement, expanding additives for neat cement and cement-sand grouts, high strength ultra-fine premixed cementitious system for injection grouting, polymer and cement based bonding coatings & agents, premixed shrinkage compensated mortars, high strength mortars, premixed flowing micro concretes, sealants and single component polymer modified premixed mortars.