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CON-CARE INDIA PVT. LTD 14, Kamla Society, Opposite Sardar Stadium, Near Golden Triangle, Ahmedabad 380 013 (Guj)    KONSHIELD, KONPLASTER GUARD, KON ROOFER, KON REPELLER Chemicals for waterproofing Yr.1994 - IS 2645 - Include acrylic polymer based chemicals, silicone based liquid water repellents, shrink free & crack free mortar waterproofing compound and a variety of integral liquid waterproofing compounds. KON-BRICK BOND, KON-SCREEDER Admixtures in plaster KONMIX Admixtures for cement/concrete - Include concrete plasticisers, plasticising admixtures, high water reducing concrete admixtures, super plasticisers, mortar plasticisers, AEA, etc. KONPATCHERS, TILO-GRIP Adhesives - Polymer based tile adhesives, etc. KONRUST Construction chemicals - Solvent based system for removing rust from ferrous and steel structures. KONPATCHERS, KONSEAL Sealants - Include crystalline powder additives and resin & powder mix sealants. KON PRIME, EPOZINC Primers - Zinc & epoxy based primers, etc. KON GROUT Grout Yr.1994 - Include grout additive powder and non-shrink cementitious grout. EPOBONER, EPOMORTAR, EPO-COL, EPO-SCREEDER, DUST PROOFER Epoxy resin products Yr.1994 - Coal tar epoxy paints and other two/three component systems. TUFF TOP Floor hardeners Yr.1994 - Non-metallic crystalline powder, based on abrasion and wear resistant aggregates.