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KRISHNA CONCHEM PRODUCTS PVT. LTD 5-B, Mohsin Building, RK Vaidya Road, Dadar [W], Mumbai 400 028 (Mh)    CORROSEAL-TE, EPIBOND, PLAST-O-GRIP, ACL-15, MONOBOND, SIFUMEX-100, SUPERCON-300, SUPERCON-100, IPNET, POLYCURE, EPOXY KP-HP, WATERSEAL, MONOPOL, KARAIKOTE, EPCO Construction chemicals Yr.1981 - ASTM C-882-1987, ASTM C-1042-1985, ASTM C-1059-1986 ASTM C-494, IS 9103-1979, ASTM C-404-1986, IS 2770, ASTM D-117, ASTM D-3963, ASTM C-156-1974, ASTM D-2370-1973, BS 3900, ASTM B-117-1964, IS 3085, IS 159, IS 101, IS 151, ASTM C-881-1987 - Include anti-corrosive coal tar epoxy compound, adhesives, accelerator for cement concrete/mortar, admixtures in concrete, mineral admixtures, melamine based super plasticisers, water reducing plasticisers, anti-corrosive protective coating system, grouts, concrete coating system, polyamide cured air drying compound, non-shrinking epoxy sealant, epoxy resin products, epoxy stearate protective coating, anti-corrosive epoxy compounds, low viscosity epoxy resin system and anti-corrosive polymer coating system.