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LLOYD INSULATIONS INDIA LTD Punj House, M-13, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110 001 (Del)    SUPERTHERM, LLOYD PANEL, THERMOLLOYD, ROCKLLOYD SLAB, SUPERFOAM, LLOYDFOAM Thermal insulation material Yr.1986 - IS 13205, BS 476-1968, BS 4370-1972, IS 12436, IS 8183-1979, IS 9842, BS 3958, ASTM C-547, IS 4671 - Include spray applied rigid PU foam, available as boards, pipe sections, radiused and bevelled logs with/without laminated facing, resin bonded machine laid machine stitched rockwool mattresses, light weight expanded polystyrene in the form of slabs & pipe sections, prefabricated sandwich panel of rigid PU foam, etc. Sandwich panel manufactured in collaboration with Makron Oy, Finland. Rockwool mattresses exported to African, Middle East & Far Eastern countries. ISOTHANE EM, EMA, EMB, EMP Chemicals for waterproofing Yr.1984 - Isothane liquid rubber, urethane and elastomeric waterproofing in a range of colours. Used for waterproofing roofs. Manufactured in collaboration with Liquid Polymers, UK.