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An Emagazine for construction industry only one of its kind in india. Articles of interest from the best in industry.

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MANU MEHTA & ASSOCIATES 3E, Golf Link, 28 A, Cunningham Road, Bangalore 560 052 (Kar)    SWEPCO Coatings Yr.1994 - ASTM D-41-78, SS-A-701-B, ASTM D-2822, US Federal Specification SS-C-153C, ASTM D-2823-75, SS-A-00694D, ASTM D-1227 - (i) Reflective aluminium coating for roofs and other surfaces. (ii) Low viscosity primer specially formulated to prepare dry, weathered asphalt roofs for recoating and concrete decks for new roofing. (iii) Heavy duty patching/waterproofing compound. (iv) Heavy duty waterproof roof coating. (v) Waterproof emulsion coating for roofs.