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ROFFE CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS PVT. LTD 12/C, Vikas centre, SV Road, Santacruz [W], Mumbai 400 054 (Mh)    ROFF WATERPROOF, ROFF NON-SKID, ROFF RAINBOW TLE MATE, CONCRETE MASTER, WINDOW SEAL, FOUNDATION MASTER, SUPERLAST, ROFFIL REPAIR, ROFFLOR, SANISEAL Construction chemicals Yr.1987 - IS 9103-1979 - A range of chemcials including polymer modified cement, concrete plasticisers, adixture in cement, mortar admixtures, admixtures in plasters, super plasticisers, water reducers, AEA, wax based emulsions, solvent based chemical release agents, epoxy resins & hardeners, chemicals for waterproofing, non-metallic aggregates, liquid integral waterproofing compounds, alkaline cementitious powder based expansive grout, cementitious grouts, cement tiling joint fillers, sanitary joint sealer, adhesives etc. Manufactured in technical collaboration with FEB Ltd, UK.