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THE STRUCTURAL WATERPROOFING CO. PVT. LTD 21/1, Dover Road, Kolkata 700 019 (WB)    CICO Paints Yr.1930 - Modified synthetic rubber based paints, solvent less resin based paints, acrylic resin based water repellent coatings, etc. CICO Admixtures Yr.1930 - IS 9103-1979, IS 2645-1975, ASTM C-494 - Water reducers, super plasticisers, retarders, accelerators, AEA, water reducers based on sulfonated melamine and formaldehyde resin, acrylic based polymer modified cementitious composite coating system (manufactured in collaboration with FRC Composites Ltd, Canada), etc. CICO Construction chemicals Yr.1930 - IS 2645-1975, ASTM C-309 - Cementitious grout, integral cement waterproofing compounds, shotset/gunnite accelerators, waterproofing membranes, mould/shutter release agents, concrete curing compounds, epoxy grouts, epoxy mortars, floor hardeners, resin based grouts, injection grouts, polysulphide & other sealants, steel fibre grouts, water based epoxy membrane forming sealers, etc.