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WELBRO PAINTS 2002, Bazar Lal Kuan, New Delhi 110 006 (Del)    SUPER SEMOLITE Paints Yr.1964 IS 2339, IS427, IS133, IS 2932, IS 168, IS 158 - Include aluminium paints, dry distempers, enamel paints, oil based paints, ready mixed paints, bituminous black paints, etc. SUPER SEMOLITE Primers & puttys IS 2074, IS 104 - Glass puttys, primers for cement & wood, red oxide zinc chromate primers, zinc chrome yellow primers, etc. SLORACEM SUPER, SUPER SEMOCEM Waterproof cement paints Yr.1986 - IS 5410 - Washable and water repellent. Restricts the penetration of dampness. Available in 30 shades. Used for interiors and exteriors. SUPER WELBRO Waterproofing cement compounds IS 2645 - Used for exteriors and interiors.