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AEROL FORMULATIONS PVT. LTD 202, Shivam House, Karampura Complex, Opposite Milan Cinema, New Delhi 110 015 (Del)    REINKOTE Water based coatings Yr.1995 - IS 12054 - Bonds well to all masonry surfaces such as cement plaster, bricks, stone, concrete, etc. Also adheres well to wood, most plastics, steel and many other metals. Used in bathrooms, kitchens, terraces, etc. REINKOTE Chemicals for waterproofing Yr.1995 - IS 12054 -(i) Waterproof silicone compound, resistant to alkalies and acids. (ii) Water repellent & weather proof coating.
ALGITECH CHEMICALS 12/1A, Varambally, Brahmavar, Udupi 576 213 (Kar)    ALGIBOND, ALGITILE, ALGIGROUT, ALGICOAT, ALGIRELEASE, ALGIRAPIDCEM, ALGIRETARD, ALGICURE, ALGIPLASTERAID, ALGIPLAST, ALGITECH Construction chemicals - Include sealants, insulation coating, concrete admixtures, shotcrete admixtures, concrete plasticisers, silica admixtures, mortar admixtures, bonding agents, curing compounds, shutter release agents, surface retarders, cleaning compounds, grouts, polymer admixtures, epoxy & acrylic based bonding agents, cementitious compounds, water repellent coatings, waterproofing agents, epoxies and tile adhesives. ALGILIME Ultra fine lime
ACRO CONSTRUCTION AIDS PVT. LTD 'Acro House' 5/3, Kirti Nagar, Industrial Area, New Delhi 110 015    ACRO, ACROCURE, ACROMOL, ACROMOV, ACROKLEENSOL Construction chemicals Yr.1993 - IS 2645 - Include normal/quick setting waterproofing compound, leak plugging & waterproofing compound, curing compound based on resins & synthetic wax emulsion, mould/shutter release agent, concrete removers, solvent based cleaners and degreasers. ACROCOTE, ACROCRETE, ACROFEX, ACROFLO, ACRO PLASTER, ACROSUPAFLO Admixtures Yr.1993 - IS 9103, ASTM C-260, ASTM C-494-1986 - Include polymer modified cementitious waterproofing slurry, polymer admixture for cement/mortar composite, waterproofing polymer modified flexible membrane, water reducing set retarders, mortar plasticisers, water reducing plasticisers, AEA, chloride free accelerators, air entraining-cum-water reducers, etc. ACROMIN Bitumen for waterproofing Yr.1993 - Include bitumen modified waterproofing & protective coating systems and polymer modified bitumen emulsion gel for waterproofing. ACROPOXY Epoxy based sealants Yr.1993 - Include concrete bonding agent, repair mortar, low viscosity primer system, plasticised coal tar enamel modified with epoxy resins, etc. ACRONITE Floor hardeners Yr.1993 - Include non-metallic floor & surface hardener and shake-on powder. ACRONITE Grouts Yr.1993 - Include expanding grout admixture and ready-to-use grout with non-shrink and free flow properties. ACROGRIP Tile adhesive Yr.1993 - Polymer modified.
ACRO PAINTS LTD 'Acro House' 5/3, Kirti Nagar, Industrial Area, New Delhi 110 015    PARCOCEM, ACROCEM, ACER, ACROSHIELD, ACROTEX, ACROFINE, SILKINA, QUARTZO, SUPERTEX, GRAFFIATO Water based coatings Yr.1977 - Decorative waterproof cement paints, exterior finish, exterior emulsion paints and textured matte wall finishes. ACROGOLD, RHINO, AQUALIN-PREMIUM PLUS, FIREX, RUSTIC, STONIWALL, SPRAYDEWS - Paints Yr.1977 - Decorative synthetic enamels, acrylic washable distempers, fire retardant paints, textured coatings and surface finishes that provide natural stone chips/pearl drop effect.
BOSTON PAINT INDUSTRIES 27/25, Road No. 23, Libaspur, Delhi 110 042 (Del)    BOSTON, SATO, TUFF GUARD, BOSTOTHERM, BOSTOSEAL, BOSTON TUFF, SIGNATURE SEALER, TUFF GARD, WHITE RAIN Decorative and protective coatings - Include enamel paints, primers, heat resisting aluminium paints, acrylic washable & dry distempers, varnishes, cement paints, stainers, gold paints, cement oxide colours, waterproofing compounds, sealants, rubber seal compound, leak stop, hammertone, metal powders, white zinc paints, stiff paints, textured wall coatings, paints, chlorinated rubber paints, fire resistant coatings, polymerised marble finish, zinc phosphate primers, paint strippers, coloured pastes, fast lime colours, plaster of Paris, thinners, enamellate, PU coatings, acrylic emulsions, rust convertors, French polish, carbon black, etc.
BRAHMA WATERPROOFING CO. 30, Gobinda Banerjee Lane, Tollygunj, Kolkata 700 033 (WB)    LISCO Construction chemicals - IS 9103, IS 2645 - Include normal setting waterproof compounds, super plasticizers, air entraining agents, water reducing agents, cement capsules, epoxy grouts, polymer grouts, waterproofing compounds, etc. LISCO Paints - Epoxy-based and acrylic polymer-based paints.
SILICOAT LTD Plot No. 84 & 85, Bethora Industrial Estate, Bethora, Ponda 403 409 (Goa)    PENITRON, THIOKOTE, THIOFLOOR, COLISOL, X-1 SILICONE, HYPOLON, RANPHOS, THIOSEAL, POLYSEAL Construction chemicals Yr.1992 - Cement/concrete admixtures, waterproofing chemicals and sealants. Some of the admixtures, waterproofing chemicals & sealants are manufactured in collaboration with Morton International Ltd, CIK and Morton Thiokol Corporation, USA. PENITRON, UROPOL, RANPHOS, THIOPRIME Paints and accessories Yr.1994 - Polymer & water based coatings, epoxy paints and primers.
INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS MANUFACTURING CO. 108 & 109 Parmar Chambers, 3/4 BJ Road, Pune 411 001 (Mh)    COROGARD, FLORGARD, WALLGARD, EZEFIL, EZECOAT, EZEGARD Construction chemicals Yr.1984 - Include anti-corrosion systems, protective floor coating systems, anti-fungal damp proofing systems, crack joint filling compounds, polymer based coatings, wood finishes, epoxy coatings, grouts, admixtures, floor hardeners, etc. Manufactured using Japanese technology.
INMARCO INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE PVT. LTD 257, Sanjay Building No. 5-B, Mittal Industrial Estate, Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 059 (Mh)    THERM-TECH, UNI-TECH, CEMENTONE, MC PRIMER Construction chemicals Yr.1995 - BS 5650, EN 9001-1987, ISO 9001 - (i) Tile adhesives, tile joint fillers & multi-purpose adhesives. (ii) A range of super plasticizers, AEA, water reducers, acclerators, set retarders, mortar plasticisers, etc. (iii) Integral waterproofing compound, silicone based water repellent, etc. (iv) Chemical protection system. (v) Refined bitumen & natural rubber latex waterproofer-cum-bonding agent and a bitumen waterproofing system. (vi) Specially formulated solution for the removal and prevention of unsightly green slime, moss and algae. (vii) Clear water- based floor sealer. (viii) Mould release agent. (ix) Concrete dust proofer & hardener and medium, heavy & extra heavy duty floor hardeners. (x) Epoxy resin-based system, PU resin floor coating, aliphatic PU coating, epoxy resins high build system and pitch epoxy based system. (xi) Protection systems for floor, walls, masonry, roofs, steel surfaces, etc. to protect against dust, grafitti, chemicals, mould, etc. (xii) Synthetic modified cementitious repair mortar, styrene butadene rubber based grout, non-metallic grout, pressure injection grout, etc. (xiii) Surface retarder, pigmented wax based curing compound, water based curing membrane, etc. (xiv) Latex modified sub-flooring compound, self smoothing sub-flooring compound, etc. (xv) Water based solar reflective coating. (xvi) Water based & solvent based primers. Manufactured in collaboration with Cementone Beavet Ltd, UK. (xvii) Grouts. (xviii) Admixtures in cement/concrete. (xix) Non-slip floor protection systems. (xx) Water based wall protection system. (xxi) Masonary clear waterproofing protection.
ALLTEK COATING PRODUCTS LTD 7th Floor, RR Towers, Chirag Ali Lane, Hyderabad 500 001 (AP)    ALLTEK Painting equipment Yr.1991 - Include heavy duty spray units, hand held hopper gun, air compressor and steel edged spatulas. ALLTEK Decorative coatings Yr.1991 - Acrylic coatings, polymer based coatings and washable spray plasters. Spray plasters available in interior and exterior grades. Manufactured in technical collaboration with ICP, Sweden. ALLTEK Construction chemicals Yr.1991 - Include waterproofing materials, flexible filling compound and ready-to-use tile adhesives.
AQUAKLIN CHEMICALS A-1 Industrial Annexe, Vazir Glass Lane, MV Road, JB Nagar, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 059 (Mh)    LILYCLASSIC, LILYCEM, LILYTEX, LILYSOL Paints Yr.1985 - Include anti-fungus exterior finishes, cement paints, acrylic emulsion paints, stabilising solutions and sand textured matt finish decorative paints. TRISEAL Waterproofing compounds
AQUOLAC PAINTS 39, Shardhanand Marg, Delhi 110 006 (Del)    AQUOPLAST, SILIE, AQUOLAC, ARCOCEM, AQUOTEX, OASIS, AQUOLITE Paints IS 133, IS 157, IS 158, IS 162, IS 168, IS 427, IS 2339, IS 2932, IS 3537, IS 5410 - Include acrylic emulsions, aluminium paints, decorative cement paints, dry & oil based distempers, enamel paints, flat oil paints, textured coatings, ready mix paints, acid alkali resistant synthetic paints, fire resisting paints, chlorinated rubber paints, roof paint, anti-corrosive bituminous acid, alkali & heat resisting paint, etc. AQUOLITE, AQUOLAC, AQUAFILLA Primers IS 2074 - Metal, wood, red oxide zinc chromate and cement primers. Also include expansion fillers and thinners. AQUOLAC, SILCOAT, AQOPLAST Admixtures in cement/concrete - A range of admixtures which include curing liquid, accelerator, rapid hardener for cement & concrete, silicone based liquid, AEA, super plasticiser, concrete hardener, etc. DUROSEAL, PERMOSEAL Waterproofing compound IS 2645-1975 ANTMER White ant killer chemical
CHANDRLOK ENGINEERS PVT. LTD 114, Daryaganj, New Delhi 110 002 (Del)    BITUMAT Chemicals for waterproofing - Used for terraces, basements, swimming pools, roof gardens and sunken areas.
CHEMATAX ENTERPRISE Shop No. 1, Sarvodaya Nagar, Dattamandir Road, Near Military Compound, Malad [W], Mumbai 400 097 (Mh)    CHEMABOND, AQUAPLAST-PL, FIBROTAX, AQUA-SEALANT, AQUA-D-RUST Construction chemicals Yr.1991 - Include acrylic polymer bonding agents, liquid plasticizers, polypropylene fibres, crack fillers and rust removers/preventers.
CHEMBOND CHEMICALS INDIA PO Box No. 205, Vashi Post Office, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400 703 (Mh)    KEL SUPLAST, KEM PLAST, KEM PLAST M, KEM AEA-10, KEM CUREAID 2, KEM IWC, KEM PWC, KEM MRA, KEM BONDAID, KEM TILEAID, KEM SUPERSHOT, KEM BLOCKAID Construction chemicals - Superplasticizers for concrete, liquid plasticizers for concrete with built-in biocides, liquid mortar plasticizers, multipurpose block additive for cement-concrete blocks, air-entraining admixture for concrete, curing agents for concrete surfaces, integral waterproofing compound, multipurpose polymers, mould releasing agents, polymer for binding new concrete to old concrete, tile fixing adhesive and admixture for dry mix shotcreting and guinting.
CHEMISOL ADHESIVES PVT. LTD 7/10, Botawala Building, II Floor, 8, Horniman Circle, Fort, Mumbai 400 023 (Mh)    CHEMISTIK, CHEMICRETE Admixtures in cement/concrete IS 2645, IS 9103-1979 - Integral waterproof liquid admixtures, polymer acrylic admixtures, polycrete admixtures, concrete curing membranes, AEA, water reducers, plasticisers, retarders-cum-plasticisers, accelerators, etc. CHEMISTIK, ARGUS PREMIUM Epoxy resin products - Include slurry mortar, epoxy based coating, epoxy TAC coats, coal tar epoxy, high build epoxy flooring, epoxy slurry grout, marine epoxy, epoxy mortars, epoxy paints, etc. CHEMISTIK Chemicals for waterproofing Yr.1980 - Various types of single/two-component chemicals, water thinnable epoxy coatings, polyurethane-waterproofing membranes, rubberised waterproof coatings, damp proofers, damp proof coating, white/clear waterproofers, bituminous rubber coatings, etc. CHEMISTIK, ARGUS Construction chemicals - Elastomeric high build coating, high build masonry coatings, acrylic based masonry coatings, rubberised joint fillers, dust proofer-cum-floor hardeners, floor resurfacers, chlorinated rubber paints, acrylic co-polymer based anti-condensation paints, dust proofer, tile glue, tile grout powder, zinc rich primers, anti-corrosive coatings, etc. CHEMISTIK Sealants Yr.1980 - Include acrylic based crackseal white caulking compounds, CM seal compounds, clear paste binders, synthetic binders, butyl-polybutene rubber based plastic sealants, polyurethane sealant and silicone sealants. CHEMISTIK Lacquers - Include stone lacquers and clear polyurethane lacquers. CHEMISTIK Flooring products
PAGEL CONCRETE TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD 3-G-1, Court Chambers, III Floor, New Marine Lines, Mumbai 400 020 (Mh)    RHEOPLAST, PAGELCOTE, CONCREFLEX, RHEOSEAL, ITALICA, PAGEL TOP, PAGEL COTE, CONCREBOND, BARCOTE, CONCREMIX, REPCRETE Construction chemicals - Include melamine based high range water reducers, & retarding plasticisers, napthalene based retarders, plasticisers for normal grades of concrete, cementitious premixed powder, single polymer modified premixed powders, polymer based flexible coatings, integral liquid waterproofing admixtures, non-ferrous premixed cementitious floor hardeners, polymer additives for cement, expanding additives for neat cement and cement-sand grouts, high strength ultra-fine premixed cementitious system for injection grouting, polymer and cement based bonding coatings & agents, premixed shrinkage compensated mortars, high strength mortars, premixed flowing micro concretes, sealants and single component polymer modified premixed mortars.
ARMOUR No. 70, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore 560 078 (Kar)    EPRCRETE Admixtures in cement/concrete Yr.1979 - Two component. Used to bond fresh concrete which is fully cured, to strengthen existing concrete structures or elements, concrete slabs, where dimensional change is not critical, concrete jointing and overlay of concrete slabs & floors. ARMOUR, NAFUFILL, DRIETOP FH Construction chemicals - Includes floor hardener, universal bonding agent, grout and plasticised grouting admixture. DICHTAMENT, ZENTRIFIX-ELASTIC Waterproofing chemical
SPIC ORGANICS LTD Spic Centre, VII Floor, 97, Anna Salai, Guindy, Chennai 600 032 (TN)    EMPEYOL SWP 101, EMPEYOL PU SEAL, EMPEYONATE SC 104 Construction chemicals - Includes waterproofing compound, sealant and polyurethane coating materials.
MASUM POLYCOATS B-2, Marine Apartments, Masilamani Road, Balajinagar, Royapettah, Chennai 600 014 (TN)    ROOFGARD Chemicals for waterproofing Yr.1984 - Non-bituminous polymer-based waterproofing material. CLEARCOTE Wood finishes Yr.1990 - Substitute for varnish.
NITCO PAINTS PVT. LTD Maker Chambers III, 8th Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021 (Mh)    OUTSHINE, OUTLOOK, NITCOCEM, OUTSTRETCH, NITCOTEX, CEMO PRIME Paints Yr.1986 - Include acrylic emulsions, cement paints, exterior emulsions, elastomeric coating, cement primers, etc STRES CRETE, PLASTIKER, STOPGAP, ADHESOL, RUFF 'N' TUFF, DRIP GRIP Construction chemicals Yr.1986 - Include concrete waterproofing & hardening liquid, instant plaster, expansion filler, stabilizing solution, synthetic plaster and waterproofing chemicals.
TECHNO PEST & WATERPROOFING CO. 2261, Parabadino Khancho, Raipur Chakla, Ahmedabad 380 001 (Guj)    SIZORETARD, SIZOALERT, SIZOMER, SIZO-BOND, SIZOCIZER-190, SIZOAIR Admixtures in cement - IS 9103, ASTM 494 - Include retarding plasticisers, accelerating agents, acrylic based plasticisers, water reducers, AEA, super plasticisers, etc. SIZOPROOF-PB, SIZOCOAT-MKR, WALGARD Chemicals for waterproofing Yr.1968 - IS 2645 - Resin based cement waterproofing compounds, thixotropic polymer based integral waterproofing liquid, PU resin based system, silicone based water repellents, emulsion based compound, etc. SIZOKLIN, SIZOCIL-E, SIZOXYBOND, SIZOCYRL, SIZOLITE-PCL, SIZOBOND, SIZOGROUT, SIZOPLAST, SIZOXYCOY Epoxy resin products - Epoxy based resin mortar, hot and cold insulation paints, solvent free coatings, grouts, tile adhesives, repair mortars, liquid cleaning agents, etc. SIZOCURION, SIZOPOLY, SIZOPLAST, SIZOCOAT, SIZORILIS, SIZOLITE, SIZOXYCOT, SIZOCOT, SIZOCIL-PS, SIZOCOAT-MKR (EJS) Construction chemicals - A range of chemicals including acrylic & polymer based adhesives, wax based curing agents, modified plastic emulsions, polymer bonding agents, mould release agents, grouts, PU red oxide zinc chromate, primers, polysulphide based sealant, elastomeric sealant, tile mate joint filler, etc. SIZOLITE-PCP, SIZOCULITE Thermal insulating material Yr.1995 - Used to control heat penetration.
VIJAY CONSTRO CHEMICALS PVT. LTD 489, Singarajakottai Big Street, Rajapalayam 626 117 (TN)    RUSST-X, PAINT-X, FLOW-FASST, WOOD-PRO, LLEEK-X, CROWN- BOND, TOTAL BOND Construction chemicals Yr.1996 - IS 13515-1992, IS 430, IS 9103, IS 10013, IS 2645 - Include super rust convertors, instant paint removers, super plasticisers, ultra-clear wood protectors, concrete admixtures, tile fixing adhesives, sealants, thermal resistant coatings and wall coating adhesives. PVC cement
ASTER VINYL LTD Plot No.1, New Street, Near Kannan Theatre, Ambattur (SM Nagar Post), Chennai 600 062 (TN)    ASTERTOP, ASTERSEAL, ASTER Construction chemicals Yr.1986 - Include clear enamel coatings, epoxy putty, waterproofing admixtures, plasticizers, plastering aid for mortar, epoxy coatings & sealing compounds and PU coatings.
AUTOMATIC COMPONENTS A 39, H Block, MIDC, Pimpri, Pune 411 019 (Mh)    AQUA-C-MIX, AQUA-C-PLAST, AQUA SUPERPLAST, AQUA-C-PROOF 100, AQUATITE Construction chemicals Yr.1998 - Include mortar & concrete plasticisers, concrete cement integral waterproofing liquid admixtures and waterproof coatings.
BAJRANG PAINTS & CHEMICALS PVT. LTD P-16, NDSE, Part II, New Delhi 110 020 (Del)    PARASOL Paints Yr.1992 - IS 631 - Aluminium paints, acrylic emulsions, enamel paints, hammertone paints, polyurethane coatings, primers, silicones, etc.
BAWA PAINTS PVT. LTD 202, Katra Bariyan, Fatehpuri, Delhi 110 006 (Del)    BAWA, DAMPOSEAL Paints & accessories Yr.1951 - IS 5410 - Silicone rich acrylic emulsions, aluminium paints, bitumen based paints, cement paints, distempers, enamel paints, corrugal tin roof paints, cement oxide colours, glass puttys, silicone rich wax polishes, stiff puttys, thinners, copal varnishes, petro clear varnishes, synthetic varnishes, wood finish & wood preservatives and a variety of primers. BAWA RAPIDOL-R-25 Admixtures in cement concrete Yr.1951 - Quick setting cement compound. CECOL-1 Chemicals for waterproofing Yr.1951 BAWA Plaster of Paris Yr.1951
BRAHMAVAR CHEMICALS PVT. LTD 12/1B, Varambally, Brahmavar, South Kanara, Udupi District 576 213 (Kar)    ALGIPROOF Construction chemicals - Include adhesives, sealants, grouts, admixtures, epoxy flooring, plasticisers, super plasticisers, waterproofing chemicals, hardeners, varnishes, lacquers, primers, thinners, epoxy coal tar, etc.
DON CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS INDIA LTD III Floor, Khaleeli Centre, 149, Montieth Road, Egmore, Chennai 600 008 (TN)    SETCRETE, FLOCRETE, SUPAFLO, TROWELITE, CEMPATCH, QUICKMAST, DIBMIX, FLO GROUT, FLO ADD, KEY GROUT, REPCOAT, SETSEAL, SETPLUG, SETRELEASE, TIBMIX, DUGAR INSULSET, REPELICONE, CEMPATCH PRIMER, QUICKMAST Construction chemicals Yr.1994 - A range of chemicals including concrete dust proofer & curing compounds, chloride free water reducers/plasticisers, slump retainers, mortar plasticisers, cementitious repair mortars, mould release agents, epoxy repair mortars, industrial grouts, epoxy repair mortar, epoxy bonding agent, epoxy resin grouts, epoxy patching & void filling compounds, non-metallic floor hardeners, epoxy floor screeds, epoxy adhesives & sealants, expanding grout additives, polyester resin anchor grouts, acrylic polymer based bonding agents, thixotropic hard wearing & chemical resistant coatings, tar extended epoxy coatings, anti-corrosive coatings, cementitious waterproofing coating, silicone water repellents, fireproof plaster, primers, etc.
SIKA QUALCRETE PVT. LTD 24-B, Park Street, Kolkata 700 016 (WB)    SIKA Construction chemicals - ASTM C-881-87, IS 2645-1975, IS 9103-1979, ASTM C-494-86, ASTM C-287, ASTM C-309 - Include adhesives, integral waterproofing admixtures, water reducers, AEA, accelerators, repair mortars, cementitious tile adhesives, aggregates, shutter release agents, concrete curing compounds, epoxy resin products, grouts, floor hardeners, sealants, etc.
VELAYUTHARAJHA'S CHEMICALS PVT. LTD 106, RR Nagar, PO KR Nagar, Rajapalayam 626 108 (TN)    STRONG Concrete & plaster hardeners Yr.1998 - Liquid compound.
CERA CHEM PVT. LTD 71-C, New Avadi Road, Kilpauk, Chennai 600 010 (TN)    CERA Construction chemicals - Admixtures, waterproofing membranes, sealants, floor hardeners, grouts, anti-corrosive coatings, epoxy primers, tile adhesives and joint fillers.
CHAMPION PAINTS New Building, Behind 54-L House, III Main, Parvathi Nagar, Bellary 583 103 (Kar)    CHAMPION Integral cement waterproofing compound Yr.1993 - IS 5410, IS 4031 CHAMPION Lime for white wash Yr.1995 - Washable white and colour wash. CHAMPION Portland cement Yr.1995 - IS 8042, IS 455, IS 12089, IS 4031 - White cement and slag cement. CHAMPION Cement paints Yr.1993 - IS 2645
CHOKSEY CHEMICALS PVT. LTD 111, Industrial Area, Sion, Mumbai 400 022 (Mh)    MASTERSPEED, MASTERPLAST, MASTEROL, MASTERPROOF, MASTER CURE Admixtures in cement/concrete ASTM C-309-1974, IS 2645, IS 9103, ASTM C-494 - Include curing compound, mould release agent, water reducing mortar plasticisers, integral waterproofers, AEA, plasticiser, super plasticiser, acclerating plasticisers, retarding plasticisers, acclerators and retarders. TECHFLOOR HT-200 Floor hardeners - Non-metallic, abrasion and wear resistant. Bonds monolithically to base concrete. TECHSTERILE, TECHREPEL Construction chemicals - Include lead repair compound and wood coating. TECHSCREEN, TECHFORCE, MASTERCRETE, TECHCOAT, TECHREPEL, FUTURA, THIFTY WHITE, TAROTHANE Chemicals for waterproofing Yr.1983 - Include damp proof coating, masonry waterproofing system, acrylic modifier, polyurethane waterproof coating, solvent/water based water repellent, etc. MASTERBOND, FIX-A-TILE Adhesives Yr.1990 - Include tile adhesive and epoxy resin based concrete bonding agent. TECHSTOP Primers - In clear, pale yellow and clear water colours. SPECTRUM, TECHSEAL, TECHMAST Sealants Yr.1983 - ASTM C-920, BS 4254 - Butyl rubber based sealants, polyurethane sealants, silicone sealants, polysulphide sealant, tile joint fillers, puttys and fillers. MASTERGROUT Grouts Yr.1994 - ASTM C-881-78 - Include low viscosity epoxy resin injection grout and cementitious non-shrink free-flow grout. TECHFLOOR, CHOKSEY's, TECHOXY Epoxy resin products Yr.1983 - Include water thinnable epoxy coating, coal tar epoxy, fire retardant coating, polysulphide epoxy low & high build floor coatings, polysulphide epoxy self-levelling compound, polysulphide epoxy silica sand mortar, etc.
CIPY POLYURETHANES PVT. LTD J-446, MIDC Bhosari, Pune 411 026 (Mh)    TERRAFLEX, TERRASEAL, PUC, WALLITE, WALPRIME, WUDECOR, CIPICRETE, NY, FLOORKOTE Polyurethane materials - Include wood finishes, water based coatings, primers, acid resistant coatings, mortar compound for floors, urethane coats, instant polymer concrete for patching up of floors, puttys, sealants, waterproofing coatings, adhesives, thinners, etc.
COMPOSITES INDIA LTD 4A Rawdon Chambers 11A, Rawdon Street, Kolkata 700 017 (WB)    TAPE CRETE Waterproofing compounds
CON-CARE INDIA PVT. LTD 14, Kamla Society, Opposite Sardar Stadium, Near Golden Triangle, Ahmedabad 380 013 (Guj)    KONSHIELD, KONPLASTER GUARD, KON ROOFER, KON REPELLER Chemicals for waterproofing Yr.1994 - IS 2645 - Include acrylic polymer based chemicals, silicone based liquid water repellents, shrink free & crack free mortar waterproofing compound and a variety of integral liquid waterproofing compounds. KON-BRICK BOND, KON-SCREEDER Admixtures in plaster KONMIX Admixtures for cement/concrete - Include concrete plasticisers, plasticising admixtures, high water reducing concrete admixtures, super plasticisers, mortar plasticisers, AEA, etc. KONPATCHERS, TILO-GRIP Adhesives - Polymer based tile adhesives, etc. KONRUST Construction chemicals - Solvent based system for removing rust from ferrous and steel structures. KONPATCHERS, KONSEAL Sealants - Include crystalline powder additives and resin & powder mix sealants. KON PRIME, EPOZINC Primers - Zinc & epoxy based primers, etc. KON GROUT Grout Yr.1994 - Include grout additive powder and non-shrink cementitious grout. EPOBONER, EPOMORTAR, EPO-COL, EPO-SCREEDER, DUST PROOFER Epoxy resin products Yr.1994 - Coal tar epoxy paints and other two/three component systems. TUFF TOP Floor hardeners Yr.1994 - Non-metallic crystalline powder, based on abrasion and wear resistant aggregates.
CONTECH CHEMICALS A3, Panchtirth Apartments, Opposite Jain Merchant Society, Sarkhej Road, Paldi PO, Ahmedabad 380 007 (Guj)    CONBOND, TILEFIX, KWICK ROCK, CONFLOW, HYDROCEM, CONFLOW, CONKURE, CRAXEMENT, ART ROCK, FLOR-SEAL, KRETE-X, RUSTRIP, PAINT STICK, RED-E-CLEAN, FLOOR BRIGHT, FERRICON Construction chemicals Yr.1975 - IS 9103-1979 - Include adhesives, admixtures for cement/concrete, accelerating plasticiser, curing compound, chemical hardener and dust proofer, floor hardener, rust convertor, floor cleaner, etc. HYDROCEM, DAMPSEAL, REPELLOW, RUFFERSEAL, RUFCOAT, HYDROSHIELD Chemicals for waterproofing and damp proofing Yr.1975 - IS 2645 - Include cement based waterproof paints, stearate based integral waterproofer, bitumen based waterproofing compound, latex based polymer compound and waterproofing admixture. FERROX-GROUT Grouts Yr.1975 - Catalyzed metallic aggregate, produces a void-filling action that counter acts shrinkage, occurring in both the plastic and hardening states. EPIWELD, CONSEAL Epoxy resin products Yr.1975 - Water based epoxy compound, epoxy based trowelling compound, etc.
COPROX INTERNATIONAL INDIA PVT. LTD W-205, Sunrise Chambers, Ulsoor Road, Bangalore 560 042 (Kar)    COPROX Water repellent compound - Cementitious waterproofing compound in powder form. Prevents & cures dampness, moisture, water seepage and efflorescence. SILROX Transparent water repellents - Alkali & UV resistant. PLAROX Waterproof textured plasters - UV resistant. FLEROX Flexible waterproofing systems
DELTA PAINTS & CHEMICALS 51C/1A, Pottery Road, Kolkata 700 015 (WB)    SUPREME SETKOCEM Waterproof cement Yr.1994 - IS 5410-1992 - Provides smooth/ matt finish. Available in 25 shades. DAMPCARE Cement waterproofing compound Yr.1994 DELTATINT PLUS Lime/universal stainers Yr.1998
EMCO GENERAL PLASTIC INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD P-30, Gariahat Road, Kolkata 700 029 (WB)    EMCO, RAINDREN, SOLIDREN Pipes Yr.1964 - IS 4984, IS 1239 - (i) Non-threaded HDPE pipes. Dia.: 20-450 mm. (ii) Threaded HDPE pipes. (iii) Polymer pipes with fittings for rain water. (iv) Polymer soil line pipes & fittings. PROTEK Water based coatings Yr.1982I - IS 2645 - Ready to use for impregnation, coating, admixture and as grouting additive.
ESSEN SUPPLEMENTS INDIA LTD Jaya Mansion, 1-7-283/B, I Floor, 126, SD Road, Secunderabad 500 003 (AP)    Construction chemicals - Include concrete admixtures, grouts, waterproofing systems, epoxy floor coatings & screeds, anti corrosive coatings, floor hardeners, bonding adhesives for concrete, tile adhesives and mould release agents. Manufactured in technical collaboration with Rethmeier GmbH, Germany.
FAIRMATE CHEMICALS PVT. LTD 1514, Ranchhod Bhuvan, Moti Vasan Sheri, Saraspur, Ahmedabad 380 018 (Guj)    SAFECORE, FAIRCOAT, FAIRCRETE, FAIRFLO, FAIRPLAST, FAIRFIBRE, FAIRBOND, CEMSCREED, FAIRTOP, FAIRSCREED, FLOORSEAL, READYPLAST, FAIRSEAL Construction chemicals - BS 4254-1983, ASTM C-920-87 - Include acrylic primers, chloride-free water reducers & plasticizers, integral waterproofing admixtures, mortar plasticizers, epoxy bonding agents, cementitious repair mortars, non-metallic floor hardeners, epoxy floor screed, surface hardeners, plastering mortars, epoxy primers, solvent based & acrylic resin based protective coatings, etc. WATERREPELL S, WATERGUARD Waterproofing systems - Include cementitious waterproof coatings, waterproofing screeds, fibre reinforced waterproofing mortars, rapid set plugging mortars, PU waterproof coatings, epoxy coatings and silicon based water repellents. SETRELEASE, FAIRCURE Surface treatment chemicals - Include emulsified & concentrated mould release agents, solvent based degreasers, concrete curing aids and wax based curing compounds. FAIRGROUT, FLOWGROUT, FAIRADD, ANCHOR GROUT Grouts - Cementitious grouts, polyester resin anchor grouts, plasticizing expanding grout additives, epoxy resin based injection grouts, etc. FAIRFIX Tile adhesives - Include ceramic tile adhesives and tile jointing grouts.
GALEFORCE CORPORATION 1305, Raheja Centre, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021 (Mh)    XYPEX Admixtures in concrete - A variety of admixtures including concrete waterproofing concentrates, flexible cementitious membranes, concrete waterproofing chemicals, plugging compounds, etc.
GUJARAT WATER PROOFERS Annapurna, 68A, Sharda Society, Paldi, Ahmedabad 380 007 (Guj)    TASS-1100 Chemicals for waterproofing Yr.1979 - Bauxite based material. Acrylic polymer binder along with Tass-1100 gives perfect waterproofing. Used for waterproofing of roofs, terraces, ponds, water tanks, side walls, etc.
INDOCEM MARKETING PVT. LTD Indocem House I Floor, 8, Sundarvan Society, Near Usmanpura Municipal Market, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad 380 014 (Guj)    ANTOCID, SHIP, INDOTEX, BRIKSIL, INDOCEM Paints Yr.1982 - Include acid resisting cement, cement oxide colours, sand textured matt finishes, water based coatings, waterproof cement paints, etc. PERMO PROOF Waterproof compound Yr.1980 - For marine structures and structures located in heavy rainfall areas. CONSET Floor hardener
INDUSTRIAL FOAMS PVT. LTD 228, Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi 110 020 (Del)    UNISEAL Waterproofing and sealing compound - Two component synthetic waterproofing system for concrete roofs and structures. Protects structures from chemical attacks in aggresive industrial atmosphere.
IWL INDIA LTD C & D Lakshmi Bhawan, 609 Anna Salai, Chennai 600 006 (TN)    PLASFAL, MULTIPLAS, LIQUITHANE, LIQUIPLAS Waterproofing membranes - Include bitumen waterproofing membranes, liquid waterproofing membranes, polymeric waterproofing membranes and elastomeric waterproofing membranes. MULTIPLAS, LIQUIKOTE ROP, PYPKOTE Primers - Include chlorinated rubber modified coal tar primers, coal tar based primers, bituminous aluminium primers, etc. LIQUIKOTE, PYPKOTE Anti-corrosive products - Include coatings, corrosion protection tape and polymeric corrosion protection tapes. INSUPLAS Polyurethane foam
JAYANT COLOUR & CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES Tulsiram Gupta Mills Estate, Darukhana, Reay Road, Mumbai 400 010 (Mh)    GOOAVARI, LION Paints & accessories - Include synthetic enamels, emulsion paints, oxide colours and primers. WETSEAL Waterproofing compounds
JOHNSON PAINT CO. 11-A, Ashoka Palace, Exhibition Road, Patna 800 001 (Bhr)    SUPER JOHNSONCEM Cement paints Yr.1991 - In a range of colours. DAMPERMO Damp proofing compound Cement oxide colours
KALINGA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES S-3/82, Mancheswar (New) Industrial Estate, Bhubaneshwar 751 010 (Ori)    KICO Cement waterproofing compound Yr.1983 - IS 2645-1975, ISO 9002 Oxalic acid Yr.1983 - Used as cleaning and polishing agent in mosaic floorings. PESTCHEM Anti-termite compound Yr.1983 Super lime washing powder Yr.1983 - Waterproof white washing compound.
KALYAN INDUSTRIES PB No. 25, Velchand Building, Behind Danapith, Bhavnagar 364 001 (Guj)    VASANT, KIRONITE, FOUND-X, SOLUTION-J, MOSAM SUPER PLAST Construction chemicals - Include curing compounds, metallic and non-metallic floor hardeners, quick concrete floor hardeners, liquid hardeners, plaster additive and non-shrink grout. NIPUN, KANCHAN Paints - Waterproofing and anti-corrosive paints. INDUSTRIAL Flooring tiles - Size: 300x300 mm. Thk.: 25 mm.
KARAVALI BUILD-CHEM PVT. LTD 271, Kumbhashi, Kundapura 576 257 (Kar)    BUILD PLAST Construction chemicals Yr.1993 - IS 9103, IS 2645 - Include integral cement waterproofing compounds, admixtures in cement & plasters, admixtures for cement hollow blocks & hume pipes, waterproof coatings, adhesives for bonding concrete, adhesives for fixing tiles and PVC pipes, water repellent coatings, curing compounds, crack & joint fillers, dry mix mortars, puttys & primers.
KHURANA BROTHERS Haryana Road, Hoshiarpur (Puj)    Paints Yr.1984 - Synthetic & cement paints, for protective and decorative purposes. Waterproof compound
KRISHNA CONCHEM PRODUCTS PVT. LTD 5-B, Mohsin Building, RK Vaidya Road, Dadar [W], Mumbai 400 028 (Mh)    CORROSEAL-TE, EPIBOND, PLAST-O-GRIP, ACL-15, MONOBOND, SIFUMEX-100, SUPERCON-300, SUPERCON-100, IPNET, POLYCURE, EPOXY KP-HP, WATERSEAL, MONOPOL, KARAIKOTE, EPCO Construction chemicals Yr.1981 - ASTM C-882-1987, ASTM C-1042-1985, ASTM C-1059-1986 ASTM C-494, IS 9103-1979, ASTM C-404-1986, IS 2770, ASTM D-117, ASTM D-3963, ASTM C-156-1974, ASTM D-2370-1973, BS 3900, ASTM B-117-1964, IS 3085, IS 159, IS 101, IS 151, ASTM C-881-1987 - Include anti-corrosive coal tar epoxy compound, adhesives, accelerator for cement concrete/mortar, admixtures in concrete, mineral admixtures, melamine based super plasticisers, water reducing plasticisers, anti-corrosive protective coating system, grouts, concrete coating system, polyamide cured air drying compound, non-shrinking epoxy sealant, epoxy resin products, epoxy stearate protective coating, anti-corrosive epoxy compounds, low viscosity epoxy resin system and anti-corrosive polymer coating system.
LLOYD INSULATIONS INDIA LTD Punj House, M-13, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110 001 (Del)    SUPERTHERM, LLOYD PANEL, THERMOLLOYD, ROCKLLOYD SLAB, SUPERFOAM, LLOYDFOAM Thermal insulation material Yr.1986 - IS 13205, BS 476-1968, BS 4370-1972, IS 12436, IS 8183-1979, IS 9842, BS 3958, ASTM C-547, IS 4671 - Include spray applied rigid PU foam, available as boards, pipe sections, radiused and bevelled logs with/without laminated facing, resin bonded machine laid machine stitched rockwool mattresses, light weight expanded polystyrene in the form of slabs & pipe sections, prefabricated sandwich panel of rigid PU foam, etc. Sandwich panel manufactured in collaboration with Makron Oy, Finland. Rockwool mattresses exported to African, Middle East & Far Eastern countries. ISOTHANE EM, EMA, EMB, EMP Chemicals for waterproofing Yr.1984 - Isothane liquid rubber, urethane and elastomeric waterproofing in a range of colours. Used for waterproofing roofs. Manufactured in collaboration with Liquid Polymers, UK.
MALAR CHEMICALS PVT. LTD 18, Raja Street, T Nagar, Near Pondy Bazaar Head Post Office, Chennai 600 017 (TN)    Liquid waterproofing cement compound Yr.1998 - Used to protect RCC ceiling, masonry walls & hollow block walls from dampness & water seepage. Also used to protect steel from corrosion.
MANALI PETROCHEMICAL LTD SPIC Centre, 97, Mount Road, Guindy, Chennai 600 032 (TN)    Construction chemicals - Cable jointing compound, polymer based compound, waterproofing compound, polyurethane castable elastomer system and system coating hardeners. Adhesives and sealants - Two-component polyurethane & lamination adhesives and polyurethane seal. Fly ash bricks PU doors
MANU MEHTA & ASSOCIATES 3E, Golf Link, 28 A, Cunningham Road, Bangalore 560 052 (Kar)    SWEPCO Coatings Yr.1994 - ASTM D-41-78, SS-A-701-B, ASTM D-2822, US Federal Specification SS-C-153C, ASTM D-2823-75, SS-A-00694D, ASTM D-1227 - (i) Reflective aluminium coating for roofs and other surfaces. (ii) Low viscosity primer specially formulated to prepare dry, weathered asphalt roofs for recoating and concrete decks for new roofing. (iii) Heavy duty patching/waterproofing compound. (iv) Heavy duty waterproof roof coating. (v) Waterproof emulsion coating for roofs.
MESHENY IMPEX PVT. LTD 43, P&T Colony, Vikrampuri, Secunderabad 500 009 (AP)    AQURON Construction chemicals - (i) Pressure applied waterproofing and concrete strengthening solution. (ii) Pressure applied corrosion resistant solution for reinforcing steel. (iii) Dust proofing of concrete surfaces and waterproofing repellent for concrete, masonry and stone. (iv) UV resisting, elastomeric coating for oil, fuel, acid and water. (v) Concrete admixture that prevents drying-shrinkage and eliminates cracking.
METRO PAINT INDUSTRIES B-92, Phase I, Mayapuri Industrial Area, New Delhi 110 064 (Del)    METCOLIN, BESTOLITE, COCOCEM, TUFFCEM, SEALOCK Paints Yr.1951 - IS 427, IS 133, IS 2932, IS 5410, IS 3537, IS 2645 - Include dry distempers, synthetic enamel paints, cement paints, ready-mixed paints, water based paints and waterproofing compounds.
MK PETRO PRODUCTS PVT. LTD LG5, Thapar Chambers II, 6B, Opposite Kalindi Colony, Ring Road, New Delhi 110 014 (Del)    MAK-POLYPLAST, MAKFELTS, MAKPHALT, MAK OUTER WRAP Bitumen based waterproofing compounds Yr.1988 - IS 1322-1933, IS 7193-1974, IS 702-1988, IS 7193-1994, IS 10221-1974, AWWA-C-203 - Include rubberised bitumen, Hessian, vegetable & glass fibre based felts, industrial grade bitumen and pipe line coatings. MAKPRIMER Oil primers - Yr 1989 - IS 3384-1986
MODI TREMCO INDIA PVT. LTD 4-72, DDA Shopping Centre, New Friends Colony, New Delhi 110 065 (Del)    Sealants - PU based. Expansion joint, trafficable joint, structural glazing and general-purpose sealants.
OM AGRO INDUSTRIAL PLASTICS PVT. LTD 6, Sarvodaya Industrial Estate, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri (E), Chakala, Mumbai 400 093 (Mh)    TILE SEAL Adhesives - Low viscosity & transparent solvent based adhesives, to stop leakage from tile joints. PVC water stops - Used in construction of dams, aquaducts, syphons, water reservoirs, swimming pools, etc. OMAISEAL Puttys - Steel/aluminium filled putty & epoxy putty. OMAIPLAS EP Epoxy resin products - Epoxy compounds for grouting cracked RCC structures under water & epoxy mortar. OMAIPLAS EP Bitumen compounds - Polymerised bitumen emulsion and coal tar epoxy compounds. LUSTRECEM, OMAIPLAS AB, OMAI BOND, OMAICRETE, OMAICRYL, OMAI SEAL Polymer based construction chemicals Yr.1975 - BS 5262, BS 8204-1993- (i) Additive for cement paints. (ii) Cementitious waterproofing compound. (iii) Bonding agent. (iv) Polymer modified cement mortar. (v) Acrylic emulsion based waterproofing compound. (vi) Sealants.
OPAL PAINTS PRODUCTS PVT. LTD S-13, Greater Kailash-II, New Delhi 110 048 (Del)    CHEMSEAL, WAPCOT Construction chemicals Yr.1986 BS 3826-1989, IS 164 - (i) Waterproofing cement compound for damp proofing, basements, walls, etc. (ii) Silicone-based waterproofing repellent for exterior walls. Exported to Nepal.
P MEHTA & CO. 206, Akik Complex, Opposite Lions Hall, Mithakhali Six Roads, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad 380 006 (Guj)    UNITILE Paints - (i) Designed textured paints in different patterns and shades (ii) Acrylic paints & distempers. (iii) Plastic paints. UNITILE Grouts and tile adhesives. SPAN INDIA Construction equipment - Cuplock scaffolding for centering & shuttering. GUJCOCEM Waterproof cement paints Yr.1985 - Used for exteriors to prevent dampness and seepage. OMAIPLAS Acrylic polymer waterproofing chemicals - Used to stop leakage & seepage in buildings, terraces, walls, water tanks, basements, etc.
PASCAL LABORATORIES PO Box No. 2509, 102, Antrix (3rd Floor), Opposite World Trade Centre, Sayajigunj, Vadodara 390 005 (Guj)    HI-SEAL, SUPERDITE, MSET, IRONATE Construction chemicals Yr.1988 - Adhesives, waterproofing chemicals, epoxy puttys, unsaturated polyester resins, pipe sealants, fumed silica, floor hardeners (iron aggregate & epoxy resin), anti-corrosive coatings & epoxy iron & coal tar based.
PERMA CONSTRUCTION AIDS PVT. LTD C1-2301/2, GIDC, Sarigam 396 155 (Guj)    PERMA SEAL, PERMA GUARD, PERMA GROUT, PERMA TREAT, PERMA SHIELD, PERMA PLUG, PERMA BOND, CTF, RTF, PERMA CRACKFILL, PERMA FLOORTOP Construction chemicals - ASTM C 824-1978, ASTM C 494, ASTM C 827-1978, ASTM C 881, BS 3826, BS 5075, BS 5270, BS 5383, IS 2645-1975 - Include integral waterproofing compounds, surface applied waterproofing compounds, tile fixing adhesives, silicon water repellent, joint fillers, grouts, weather proof adhesives, mould releasing agents, floor hardeners, epoxy coatings, concrete admixtures, coal tar epoxy, structural repair products, bonding agents, plasticisers, flooring products and industrial coatings.
PIDILITE INDUSTRIES LTD Regent Chambers, VII Floor, Jamnalal Bajaj Marg, 208 Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021 (Mh)    RHODORSIL, PIDICRETE, PIDIFIN, PIDILITE, PIDIPATCH, PIDIGROUT, PIDISEAL, FEVIMATE, REPELLIN Construction chemicals - Include elastomeric silicone rubber sealants, acrylic polymer based liquid cement/concrete admixtures, super plasticiser & water reducers, PVA based viscous emulsions, AEA, cement bound surface sealing compounds, high grade mortar powders, modified phosphate based liquid admixtures, synthetic emulsions, chloride free grouts, integral liquid waterproofing admixtures, liquid polysulphide based sealants, cold applied coal tar polysulphide sealants, butyl rubber based sealants, tile fixing adhesives, water repellent finishes. Manufactured in technical collaboration with Rhone-Poulenc Specialities Chimiques, France; Morton Thiokol, USA; Schomburg GmbH, Germany.
PLASTIC ENGINEERING & ELECTRONIC ENTERPRISES Block F/8, Laxmi Woollen Mill Compound, Shakti Mill Lane, Post Box No. 16261, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai 400 011 (Mh)    TILEBOND (CRACKFILL), POLYBOND, RETARDEX, SUPERPLAST, PLASTISET, TUFFSET, URECHEM, PHENOCOAT, POLYSEAL, EPDM Construction chemicals - Include adhesives, grouts, cement/concrete admixtures, sealants, waterproofing chemicals, epoxy based mortars, primers, putty & tile adhesives, synthetic rubber sealants, PU coatings and waterproofing-cum-decorative paints.
POLYTREAT CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES 7-A, Topiwala Building, 'C' Wing, Opposite Topiwala Cinema, Goregaon [W], Mumbai 400 062 (Mh)    POLYCOR, ENIPROOF, ENICONL-100, ENIROOF Construction chemicals Yr.1995 - Include anti-corrosive coatings, epoxy PU silicone polysulphide sealants, integral waterproofing compounds, PU coatings & lacquers, rubberised waterproofing coatings and plasticised acrylic resin based waterproofing system. Manufactured in technical collaboration with CMCI, GCI, Saudi Arabia.
PREMIER PAINTS & COLOUR INDUSTRIES 17/7, New Rohtak Road, Industrial Area, New Delhi 110 005 (Del)    Paints Yr.1977 - Dry distempers, cement paints and waterproofing compound.
PROTEKTOL ANTICORROSIVES PO Box 6895, 367/11, Belly Area, Anna Nagar, Chennai 600 040 (TN)    PROTOSEAL Chemicals for waterproofing Yr.1995 - Transparent. Used on cement and concrete surfaces. Manufactured using technology licence from CBRI, Roorkee. PROTMAX Construction chemicals Yr.1989 - IS 9077-1979 - Anti-corrosive treatment for steel reinforcement rods. Manufactured using technology licence from CECRI and NRDC.
RAZON ENGINEERING CO. PVT. LTD 660, Taboot Street, Pune 411 001 (Mh)    ANCHOREX, CRACKSEAL, TILE MASTER, IRONEX, RX 660088, MASTER PLASTER, INSTA SET, RAPID GROUT, PL-256 Construction chemicals Yr.1995 - Cement/concrete admixtures, admixtures in plaster, PA mortars, waterproofing chemicals, coal tar epoxy, epoxy mortars, pipe joint sealers, rubberised joint fillers, super plasticisers, accelerators, retarders, grouting admixtures, non-shrink grouts and acrylic sealants. Paints
RELIANCE SILICONES (I) LTD 95B, Mittal Towers, 210 Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021 (Mh)    Construction chemicals - Sealants and waterproofing compounds.
REVE CHEMISTS & ASSOCIATES 489, Singaraja Kottai Big Street, Post Box No. 88, Rajapalayam 626 117 (TN)    WATERSEAL Construction chemicals Yr.1987 - IS 2645-1975 - (i) Waterproofing additives for cement/concrete mortar. (ii) Concrete floor hardeners. Manufactured using German technology.
ROFFE CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS PVT. LTD 12/C, Vikas centre, SV Road, Santacruz [W], Mumbai 400 054 (Mh)    ROFF WATERPROOF, ROFF NON-SKID, ROFF RAINBOW TLE MATE, CONCRETE MASTER, WINDOW SEAL, FOUNDATION MASTER, SUPERLAST, ROFFIL REPAIR, ROFFLOR, SANISEAL Construction chemicals Yr.1987 - IS 9103-1979 - A range of chemcials including polymer modified cement, concrete plasticisers, adixture in cement, mortar admixtures, admixtures in plasters, super plasticisers, water reducers, AEA, wax based emulsions, solvent based chemical release agents, epoxy resins & hardeners, chemicals for waterproofing, non-metallic aggregates, liquid integral waterproofing compounds, alkaline cementitious powder based expansive grout, cementitious grouts, cement tiling joint fillers, sanitary joint sealer, adhesives etc. Manufactured in technical collaboration with FEB Ltd, UK.
SAKTHEE ASPHALTS & FELTS No. 49, II Floor, SVP Nagar, Arumbakkam, Chennai 600 106 (TN)    Bitumen felt and bitumen products - IS 1322-1993 - Include bitumen emulsions, roofing compound, expansion joint fillers, bituminous black paints, cold sticking compounds, bituminous damp proofing, bituminous aluminium paints, bitumen rain guard, various grades of blown bitumen, etc.
SCHENECTADY-BECK INDIA LTD 'Arcadia', 10th Floor, 195, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021 (Mh)    DOBECKOT, DOBEFIL, BECK BOND PU 22 Construction chemicals Yr.1975 - IS 62, IS 868, IEC 455-2, BIS 3900, IS 2074, ASTM-D 696-1970 - (i) PU coating for waterproofing. Manufactured with technical know-how from CSIR/NCL/CBRI, India. (ii) Epoxy resin products manufactured in technical collaboration with BASF AG, Germany. (iii) Putty. (iv) Sealing compound.
SUPEROL PRODUCTS 62-A, Vaidyanath Mudali Street, Tondiarpet, Chennai 600 081 (TN)    AQUAPROOF, SUPERFILLA Construction chemicals 1987 - Include cement waterproofing compounds and expansion fillers. SUPERLITE, TIMBORITE Paints and primers Yr.1991 - Enamel paints and metal, cement & wood primers.
TARAPUR COATINGS & ADHESIVES PVT. LTD 4-C, Balaram Apartments, Shimpoli Cross Road, Borivili [W], Mumbai 400 092 (Mh)    Decorative coatings Yr.1991 - Acrylic coatings, epoxy coatings, oil free polymer based coatings, waterproof coatings, etc. Construction chemicals Yr.1991 - Super plasticizers, AEA, water reducers, admixtures in concrete, retarders, epoxy mortars and epoxy, acrylic & rubber sealants.
TECH-DRY INDIA PVT. LTD 847/1, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore 560 038 (Kar)    PROTEKTA Chemicals for waterproofing Yr.1992 - Water based concrete waterproofing system in 3 types. Damp proof course used for old & main structure and waterproofing of terraces and walls. Pre-construction weathering course. Protective coat for old and new sea-front structures. Manufactured in collaboration with Tech-Dry Building Protection Systems Pty. Ltd, Australia.
TERRACO INDIA PVT. LTD Advani Chambers, Kemps Corner, Mumbai 400 036 (Mh)    TERRAFIX, TERRACRETE, TERRAPROOF, TEROL, COLOUR PLAST, CEMFLEX, TERRAGROUT, TERRAPRIME Construction chemicals - Include cement based mortars, concrete hardening & rapid setting liquid, metallic stearate based admixtures, polymer modified cement plasters, waterproofing & weather resistant systems, coloured grouting compound, primers, etc. TERRACO, TERRASOL, TERRACOAT, TERRACEM Coatings - Spray plaster, stabilised coating, textured coating and waterproof cement coating.
THE STRUCTURAL WATERPROOFING CO. PVT. LTD 21/1, Dover Road, Kolkata 700 019 (WB)    CICO Paints Yr.1930 - Modified synthetic rubber based paints, solvent less resin based paints, acrylic resin based water repellent coatings, etc. CICO Admixtures Yr.1930 - IS 9103-1979, IS 2645-1975, ASTM C-494 - Water reducers, super plasticisers, retarders, accelerators, AEA, water reducers based on sulfonated melamine and formaldehyde resin, acrylic based polymer modified cementitious composite coating system (manufactured in collaboration with FRC Composites Ltd, Canada), etc. CICO Construction chemicals Yr.1930 - IS 2645-1975, ASTM C-309 - Cementitious grout, integral cement waterproofing compounds, shotset/gunnite accelerators, waterproofing membranes, mould/shutter release agents, concrete curing compounds, epoxy grouts, epoxy mortars, floor hardeners, resin based grouts, injection grouts, polysulphide & other sealants, steel fibre grouts, water based epoxy membrane forming sealers, etc.
TOP SEAL WATERPROOFERS 2407, Tilak Street, Chuna Mandi, Paharganj, New Delhi 110 055 (Del)    POLYCOAT, BITUSTICK, BITUPLUS, BITUTAPE, BITUBOND, TOP SEAL Waterproofing membrane and compound - Include water based bitumen primer, self adhesive membranes, waterproofing membranes, anti-corrosive pipe wrapping tapes, elastomeric fibered coatings, polymeric membranes and polymer modified/oxidised bitumen. BITUPRIME Felts ASTM D-4479 - Solvent based bitumen coating for roof, foundation walls and concrete decks.
VIMAL CHEMICALS F-3, Site III, Panki Industrial Area, Udyog Nagar PO, Kanpur 208 022 (UP)    KAWACH, EPOXY, FUROL, CASTING, K-SEALANT Construction chemicals Yr.1989 - IS 2645, ASTM D-43-73, ASTM D-1670-74, ASTM D-95-83 - (i) Reactive acrylate co-polymer plaster admixtures. (ii) Modified phenolic based polymer waterproofing chemicals. (iii) Epoxy sealants. (iv) Furfural based chemical resistant paints. (v) Elastomer modified polymer sealants.
WELBRO PAINTS 2002, Bazar Lal Kuan, New Delhi 110 006 (Del)    SUPER SEMOLITE Paints Yr.1964 IS 2339, IS427, IS133, IS 2932, IS 168, IS 158 - Include aluminium paints, dry distempers, enamel paints, oil based paints, ready mixed paints, bituminous black paints, etc. SUPER SEMOLITE Primers & puttys IS 2074, IS 104 - Glass puttys, primers for cement & wood, red oxide zinc chromate primers, zinc chrome yellow primers, etc. SLORACEM SUPER, SUPER SEMOCEM Waterproof cement paints Yr.1986 - IS 5410 - Washable and water repellent. Restricts the penetration of dampness. Available in 30 shades. Used for interiors and exteriors. SUPER WELBRO Waterproofing cement compounds IS 2645 - Used for exteriors and interiors.
WR BONSAL & CO. A1, Fanton Court No.1, Balar Kalvin llalyam Avenue, Off Ritherdon Road, Vepery, Chennai 600 007 (TN)    Paints & construction chemicals - Exterior weatherproof coatings, washable interior coatings, tile grouts, specialized textured paints, waterproof membranes and acrylic-based additives.
VISHAL KHANDGALE Include integral waterproofing compounds, surface applied waterproofing compounds, tile fixing adhesives, silicon water repellent, joint fillers, grouts, weather proof adhesives, mould releasing agents, floor hardeners, epoxy coatings, concrete admixtures, coal tar epoxy, structural repair products, bonding agents, plasticisers, flooring products and industrial coatings.   Pune   water proofing
VISHAL KHANDGALE water proofing   Pune   Include integral waterproofing compounds, surface applied waterproofing compounds, tile fixing adhesives, silicon water repellent, joint fillers, grouts, weather proof adhesives, mould releasing agents, floor hardeners, epoxy coatings, concrete admixtures, coal tar epoxy, structural repair products, bonding agents, plasticisers, flooring products and industrial coatings.
PIONEER CONSTRUCTION SOLUTION Specialist in Waterproofing of old & new Structures,Insulation,Decorative waterproof Roofings,Rain Water Harvesting & all type of Construction Chemicals  Pune  Waterproofing,Insulation,Construction Chemicals,Rain wter harvesting
C C TECHNOLOGIES C C Tecnologies has been a recognized name in the waterproofing industry for over 15 years.  New Delhi  Chemical coating ,Membranes ,Foam concrete ,Epoxy flooring ,Expansion joints
KAILASH TREHAN Double Locking Hydrophilic Water Stop. Hydrophilic Rubber strips with Stell Mesh to avoid distortion. Also Hydrophilic Seals and pastes.  Mumbai  Water Swelling Strips with steel mesh
BIO COAT We are poners in water proof in all segments.We undertake all flooring epoxy and PU coating,Sealants...  Bangalore  Chemical water proof,Membrane ,Epoxy flooring
B&B CONCRETE SOLUTIONS ADMIXTURES,SURFACE TREATMENTS,GROUTS & ANCHORS,CONCRETE REPAIR,INDUSTRIAL FLOORING, polymer modified cementitious waterproofing , bonding systems, water reducers, plasticisers, retarders-cum-plasticisers, accelerators, curing compound, , floor hardener, rust convertorsd and Water repellent & weather proof coatings  Bangalore  Construction Chemicals
MONARCH INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS (I) PVT.LTD. We are an ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 & 18001:2007 certified company manufacturing complete range of construction solution and maintenance in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Project engineering.   THENI - 625531  complete range of maintenance solutions
DROPEX ( INDIA) PVT LTD Waterproofing of roof, terrace garden , Basement , Swimming pools , lift , Water retaining structures etc   Bhopal  Products as requires
JAY IMPEX Water Proofing Membranes  Chennai  Water Proofing Membranes