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SRI JAYA MARUTHI ASBESTOS 3, Self-Help Private Industrial Estate, Keelkattalai, Chennai 600 117 (TN)    Asbestos cement pipes
A INFRASTRUCTURE LTD Hamirgarh PO, Bhilwara District 311 025 (Raj)    KIRTI AC pressure pipes and couplings Yr.1986 - Size: 80-1000 mm. Manufactured using fully automatic Mazza process.
ACP INDUSTRIES LTD New Bharat Building, Ghodupdev Cross Road, No. 1, Opposite Sant Janabhai Fish Market, Reay Road, Mumbai 400 033 (Mh)    SUN AC pipes and fittings Yr.1989 - IS 1592-1989 - Manufactured using fully automatic Mazza process. Exported to Bahrain.
ANIL ASBESTOS Plot No. 34 B, 4th Cross, II Phase, Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore 560 058 (Kar)    Asbestos cement pipes Yr.1974
MEERA MOSAICS 50 B, Auto Towers, JC Road, Bangalore 560 001 (Kar)    CHAMPION AC pipes and fittings Yr.1974 MEERA Jointing colour powder Yr.1990 MEERA Mosaic tiles Yr.1990 - Flooring, skirting, chequered & non-slip tiles.
OUDH ASBESTOS CEMENT CO. B6/1, Amausi Industrial Area, Kanpur Road, Lucknow 226 012 (UP)    TAJ, RAJA AC pipes & fittings Yr.1967-IS 1626-1980 - Size: 50.8-150 mm. Length: 3.05-30 m. Used as rainwater pipes, underground pipes and pillars.
CAUVERY AGENCIES Site No. 9, 411, Old Madras Road, Opposite Church, Byappanahalli, Bangalore 560 038 (Kar)    RCC ventilators Yr.1980 - Size: 2x4, 4x6', etc. Pipes Yr.1980 - AC and RCC drain pipes. Chimney domes Yr.1980
BANGALORE PIPE MANUFACTURING CO. No. 21, Chikka Adugodi, Dharmaram College Post, Bangalore 560 029 (Kar)    SUPER PIPE KING AC pipes IS 926-1960 - Size: 3-10'. Length: 50-150 mm. Pipe fittings - Bends, loose sockets, slotted vent cowls, rainwater drain spouts, offset projections, Ts, WC connectors, etc.
EMSCO ENTERPRISES No. 123 (Old 102), Narsimharaja Road, Bangalore 560 002 (Kar)    EMSCO, ECP Concrete products Yr.1970 - (i) Door/window frames and ventilators. (ii) (iii) Precast lintels and chajjas. (iv) Solid/hollow blocks. (v) Precast RCC beams. (vi) Squatting RCC urinals. (vii) RCC boxes. (viii) Limestone sinks. EMSCO AC pipes and fittings EMSCO Mosaic tiles Yr.1970 EMSCO Sanitary fittings
HINDUSTAN ASBESTOS CEMENT PRODUCTS 38, Kira Industrial Layout, Near Christ College, Hosur Road, Bangalore 560 029 (Kar)    AC pipes and fittings Yr.1969 - Dia.: 2-4".
INDIAN ASBESTOS CEMENT PRODUCTS Opposite Post Office, Meera Village, WE Highway Thane District, Mumbai 401 104 (Mh)    VENUS, JUPITER AC pipes and fittings Yr.1974 - IS 1626 - Manufactured using semi-manual process.
MADHYA BHARAT ASBESTOS CEMENT PIPE INDUSTRIES 923, Bhanwar Kua Road, Indore 452 001 (MP)    CAPTAIN AC pipes & fittings Yr.1982 - (i) Pipes with sockets at one end. Dia: 2-6". (ii) A range of fittings like single & double equal junctions, offsets, collars, cowls & shoes. Used in sanitation.
NAVYUG CEMENT PRODUCTS 6-B/7, Sector-A, Industrial Area, Sanwer Road, Indore 452 003 (MP)    NATRAJ, SUNDEEP AC pipes and fittings Yr.1982 - IS 1626-1960 - Dia.: 2-6". Length: 6 & 10'. Manufacturing using semi manual process.
JYOTI RUBBER UDYOG INDIA PVT. LTD 4041, I Floor, Ajmeri Gate, Delhi 110 00 (Del)    JYOTI, AIRIA PVC products Yr.1987 - IS 12200, IS 2482, IS 444 - (i) PVC water stops and profiles, based on specially formulated plasticised PVC composition. (ii) Hoses with seamless lining of natural or blend of natural & synthetic rubber. (iii) Natural rubber hose used for suction of water. Used in dams, canals, aquaducts, large reservoirs, irrigation projects, bridges, roads, embankments, concrete roads, tunnels, water tanks, swimming pools, overhead & underground water tanks, multistoreyed buildings, etc.
KAPUR PIPE FITTING & SANITARY STORES PVT. LTD 3406, Hakim Baqa Lane, Hauz Qazi, Delhi 110 006 (Del)    MR-MISTER Sanitary fittings, cocks and valves Yr.1968 - IS 778, IS 781 - Include CI cocks; special butterfly valves and CI & GM valves; brass & CP fittings, pipe fittings and other accessories. Exported to Nepal.
KARNATAK CEMENT PIPE FACTORY Plot No. 23, Industrial Estate, Gokul Road, Hubli 580 030 (Kar)    Prestressed concrete pipes Yr.1978 - IS 1343, IS 784 - Withstand pressure up to 30 kg/sq cm. Dia.: 375-1500 mm. Manufactured in collaboration with Zublin AG, Germany.
KITEC INDUSTRIES INDIA LTD C 118/11, Jeevan Bima Nagar, Borivili (W), Mumbai 400 103 (Mh)    KITEC Multilayer composite pipes - Made of aluminium and polyethylene. Non-corrosive. Available in coils. Dia.: 0.5-1.5". Used for internal water supply, air conditioning, etc.
KOHINOOR CORPORATION 3, Kashappa Lane, Laxman Rao Road Cross, Chickpet, Bangalore 560 053 (Kar)    HYFLEX, KOHINOOR, ASIAN Rigid PVC pipes and fittings Yr.1982 - Used for water supply and electrical lines. Builders' hardware - Made of anodised aluminium.
MALWA PLASTIC PRODUCTS PVT. LTD 11B-12, Meera Path, Nehru Park Road, Indore 452 003 (MP)    INDOFLEX, INDOPLAST PVC suction hose pipes Yr.1988 - Size: 20-100 mm. Manufactured by extrusion process.
NANDA MILLAR CO. 32A, Chittaranjan Avenue, Kolkata 700 012 (WB)    NMC HDPE couplings Yr.1965 - IS 2108-1977 - Mechanical joint for water supply. Range: 20-200 mm. Exported to East Asia, Malaysia, Middle East countries, Singapore, USA. Scaffolding accessories Yr.1965 - IS 2750-1968, BS 1139-1964 - Include couplers, expanding joint pins, base/head plates, props, stirrup heads, etc.
SWASTIK ASBESTOS PRODUCTS LTD 39/D, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Pune 411 037 (Mh)    SWASTIK AC products Yr.1982 - IS 1592, IS 459, IS 160 - (i) Pressure pipes. Manufactured using Mazza lamination process. (ii) Roofing sheets. Exported to Bahrain.
BC IRON FOUNDRY 26/229, Sultanganj, Agra 282 004 (UP)    BC CI pipes & fittings Yr.1954 - Single/double socket pipes, bends, junctions, traps, cowls, offset, loose collars, inverted branches and reducer sockets. BC Sanitary fittings - Round/square shaped gratings, tank covers, square gully trap covers and square/round/ rectangular manhole covers.
BENGAL IRON CORPORATION 2-B, Tarachand Dutt Street, II Floor, Kolkata 700 073 (WB)    BIC CI pipes & fittings Yr.1981 - IS 1729, IS 1230, IS 1726 - Include single/double socket soil pipes, bends, traps, shoes with ears, gasket/collars, cowels, offsets, reducers, junctions, vents, passovers, watermeter boxes, rainwater pipes & fittings and manhole covers & frames. Exported to Australia, Bahrain, Cyprus, Italy, Qatar, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA.
DAYAL MALLEABLES PVT. LTD 91, Tupudana Industrial Area, Hatia PO, Ranchi 834 003 (Jhk)    CI pipes and fittings Yr.1991 - IS 1879
ASHA CASTINGS LTD Plot No. 281 IDA, Nacharam, Hyderabad 510 507 (AP)    CI pipes and fittings Yr.1990 - Dia. of pipes: 3-10". Length: 1-2 m. Fittings include bends and manhole covers.
CONSTRUCTIONAL ENGINEERS & BUILDERS 1-8-582, Industrial Area, Azamabad, Hyderabad 500 020 (AP)    CEB CI pipes and fittings IS 7181, IS 1538, IS 1536, IS 5531, IS 780, IS 8794 - Pipes, tees, bends, joints, air & reflex valves and manhole covers. CEB Precast RC products
ESKAY INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISES 76/17, Benaras Road, Howrah 700 101 (WB)    CI pipes & fittings Yr.1976 - IS 7181, IS 1538, IS 780, IS 2906, IS 13382, IS 8794, IS 5531, IS 908, IS 909, IS 210 - Include flanged pressure pipes, pressure fittings, sluice/reflux/air/butterfly valves, mechanical joint fittings, detachable joints, plain ended fittings, fire hydrants, graded castings, flanged socket /spigot tail pieces, flanged/socketed tees, crosses, bends and tapers, collars, caps, plugs, bellmouths, sublimation pipes & scrubbers, dismantling joints, mechanical couplings, expansion joints, MS patch clamp and mechanical adapters.
FOUNDRY OF INDIA 57-58, Industrial Area, Kokar, Ranchi 834 001 (Jhk)    CI drainage pipes and bends Yr.1968 Manhole covers Yr.1968 - IS 211
INDO IRON FOUNDRY PVT. LTD Unit K-5, IDA Uppal, Hyderabad 500 039 (AP)    INDO CI pipes and manhole covers Yr.1991 - Pipe dia.: 3-6". Also includes CI manhole covers. Used for plumbing and sanitary works.
JAYASWALS NECO LTD F-8 MIDC Industrial Area, Hingna Road, Nagpur 440 016 (Mh)    NECO CI pipes and fittings Yr.1976 - IS 3989-1984, IS 1729-1979, IS 1230, IS 1726-1991, Include spigot & socket pipes and fittings such as round/rectangular manhole covers, storage tank covers, gratings, bends & branches with/without access doors, offsets, traps, collars, bends, cowl, reducers, WC pipes, etc. Pipe size: 50-150 mm. Pipe length: 1800 mm.
NANDA MANUFACTURING CO. C-3, Industrial Focal Point, By-pass Road, Jalandhar 144 004 (Puj)    NMC Malleable CI pipe fittings Yr.1973 - IS 1879, IS 2108-1977, IS 554-1975 - Ts, elbows, joints, etc. in standard sizes and galvanised finish.
PODDAR INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION Poddar Tiles, Exhibition Road, Patna 800 001 (Bhr)    PODDAR AC pressure pipes Yr.1983 - IS 1592 - Dia: 80 to 300 mm. Also includes CI fittings.
SHINING ENGINEERING WORKS (FOUNDRY) B-19, Foundry Nagar, Agra 282 006 (UP)    CI products Yr.1979 - IS 1729 - (i) Square & circular manhole covers. (ii) Pipes with single/double sockets. Dia: 50-150 mm. (iii) Fittings such as bends, traps, junctions, inspection pieces, cowls, offsets, etc.
SREE BALAJI IRON FOUNDRY PVT. LTD P-2, Industrial Development Area, Nacharam, Hyderabad 500 076 (AP)    BIF CI products Yr.1984 - IS 1729, IS 7181 - Include manhole covers, ingot moulds, single/double socket pipes (size: 3-6"), bends, Ys, Ts, double flange pipes, etc. Pipe size: up to 300 mm.
TRU-FORM TECHNO PRODUCTS LTD 118, Handloom Market, Gandhibagh, Nagpur 440 002 (Mh)    TRU-FORM CI pipes & fittings - IS 780, IS 2906 - Socket & spigot, CI D/F pipes (screwed flanged), CI specials (socketed/flanged) and sluice valves.
VK INDUSTRIES FP 1128, Sanjay Building, Opposite Bengal Chemicals, Veer Savarkar Marg, Mumbai 400 025 (Mh)    CI pipes and fittings Yr.1989 - IS 2906, IS 5312, IS 1538, IS 1536 - Anti-corrosive.
ADVANCE STEEL TUBES LTD 45/3, Industrial Area, Site No. 4, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad District 201 010 (UP)    TTC Pipes and tubes Yr.1974 - IS 1978, IS 3601, IS 4923, BS 5534, BS 1139, BS 6323, BS 879 - Include ERW black & GI pipes, HDPE pipes, PVC pipes and steel tubes for structural purposes. Exported to Africa, Australia, Bhutan, Europe, Far East & South East countries.
BEC INDUSTRIES 55, Rani Jhansi Road, New Delhi 110 055 (Del)    BEC Conduit pipes Yr.1954 -- Steel, galvanised and PVC pipes with a coupler at one end. Steel & galvanised pipes are manufactured using high frequency induction weld process and PVC pipes are manufactured using extrusion process. BEC Electrical conduits and casing
AJANTA TUBES LTD D-20, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110 001 (Del)    AJANTA ATL Pipes and fittings Yr.1976 - IS 1161, IS 1239, IS 3589, IS 4270, IS 9295 - ERW, black and GI pipes and fittings. Dia.: 15-350 mm. Wall thk: up to 10 mm.
INDUSTRIAL VALVES & COMPONENTS 3429, Gali Hakim Baqa, Hauz Qazi, Delhi 110 006 (Del)    GI fittings Yr.1962 - Ts, sockets, unions, hex nipples, reducers, elbows, etc. for sanitation and water supply purposes. Valves & cocks Yr.1962 - CI ball valves, GM gate valves, GM globe valves, GM butterfly valves, SS & CS ball valves and HDPE valves & cocks.
ARCEE ISPAT UDYOG LTD 7th Km, Barwala Road, Talwandi Rana, Hisar 125 001 (Har)    ARCEE Pipes Yr.1989 - IS 1161, IS 1239-1990, IS 4985 - (i) GI pipes - Dia.: 15-80 mm. (ii) PVC pipes - up to 250mm. Exported to Nepal.
CEMENT PIPE INDUSTRIES 189, Jaora Compound, Indore 452 001 (MP)    RCC pipes and fittings Yr.1972 - IS 458 - In all classes and sizes. Used for water supply, drainage & sewerage systems.
BANSAL MECHANICAL WORKS LTD 23A, NS Road, 5th Floor, Road No. 22, Kolkata 700 001 (WB)    GI & MS pipes Yr.1967 - IS 1239 - Used for water supply.
NEELKANTH TUBES PVT. LTD 15/1, Asaf Ali Road, 4th Floor, New Delhi 110 002 (Del)    TITAN, NTPL GI pipes & fittings Yr.1994 - IS 1239 - Dia.: 15-100 mm. Exported to Dubai, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, UAE.
CEMENT PIPE INDUSTRIES Semi Urban Industrial Estate, Narsinghpur 487 001 (MP)    Expanded metal sheets Yr.1989 - Made of MS. GI pipes and fittings Yr.1989 RCC pipes and fittings Yr.1985 Shafting pipes Yr.1989 Septic tanks Yr.1981
FIT-TECH INDUSTRIES 303, Nilima, Plot-18 Odha Nagar, Borivili [E], Mumbai 400 066 (Mh)    Pipes and fittings Yr.1981 - Made of CI, GI, MS and SS. Size: 0.5-48".
GEMINI STEEL TUBES LTD S-622, VI Floor, Manipal Centre, 47, Dickenson Road, Bangalore 560 042 (Kar)    Steel pipes and tubes IS 7138-1973, IS 3601-1966, IS 1239-1979, IS 1161-1979, IS 10577-1982, BS 1387-1967, BS 1175-1964 - (i) Plain ended black pipes. (ii) Screwed and socketed galvanised pipes. (iii) Square and rectangular steel pipes.
INDIAN PIPES PVT. LTD D-139 Preet Vihar, Trans Yamuna, Delhi 110 092 (Del)    ERW black/galvanised pipes Yr.1986 - IS 1239, IS 3601 - Used for water supply, structural and general engineering purposes. Round, square and rectangular conduit pipes Yr.1986 - IS 7138
JINDAL PIPES LTD Pipe House, 56, Hanuman Road, New Delhi 110 001 (Del)    JINDAL Steel pipes & tubes Yr.1970 - IS 1239-1979, IS 3589-1981, IS 1161-1968, BS 1387-1967, BS 1139, ASTM A-120 - Include ERW galvanised & black steel pipes with plain and screwed & socketed ends. Used for water supply, sewage, structurals and scaffolding.
LAXMI PIPES LTD Bhiwani Road, Hisar, Hansi 125 033 (Har)    SINGAL Tubes/pipes Yr.1987 - IS 1239-1990, IS 1161-1979 - MS, GI & ERW black tubes/pipes. Used for water, drainage, scaffolding, structural purposes, etc. Dia.: 0.5-4". Exported to Dakar, Durban, Houston, Madagascar, Oman, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Trinidad.
LLOYDS METALS & ENGINEERS LTD Lloyds House, 954, Appasaheb Marathe Marg, Prabha Devi, Mumbai 400 025 (Mh)    LLOYDS GI pipes & tubes Yr.1995 - Square, rectangular and circular black & galvanised pipes. OD: 15 to 350 mm.
NARAYAN ENGINEERING WORK'S Chass More, Near New Gurudwara, BS City (Jhk)    NARAYAN Pipe fittings Yr.1979 - Brass CP pipe fittings, GI & CI valves, cocks, etc.
AARCEE INDUSTRIES LTD 7th Km, Barwala Road, Talwandi Rana, Hisar 125 001 (Har)    ARCEE PVC pipes and fittings Yr.1992 - IS 4985-1981 - Pipe OD: 16-315 mm. Fittings include couplers, bends, end caps, tees, flange tail pieces, threaded adaptors, reducers, service saddles and rubber ring jointing. Also include HDPE pipes.
ABC TUBE INDUSTRIES LTD 1, Mahesh Villa, Worli Naka, Mumbai 400 018 (Mh)    ABC Tubes and fittings Yr.1991 - IS 191-1980 - (i) Copper tubes. Dia.: 15-35 mm. Manufactured in collaboration with Delta Pack Group, UK and IBP Conex. (ii) Copper, brass & GM fittings like elbows, bends, Ts, coupling, reducers, adapters, branches, etc.
KRISHNA WATER SUPPLY CO. PVT. LTD 14, GF, Raghushree Market, Ajmeri Gate, Delhi 110 006 (Del)    GI pipes and fittings Yr.1992 - IS 1239 - Used for water supply. Slotted pipes - Used for tubewells.
PRECISION EXTRUSIONS PVT. LTD 1/4 Palace Road, Bangalore 560 001 (Kar)    PVC electrical conduits Yr.1974 - IS 2509-1973 PVC water pipes Yr.1980 - IS 4985-1985
BONTON PLASTICS PVT. LTD E-3/10, Jhandewalan Extension, New Delhi 110 055 (Del)    HDPE pipes and fittings Yr.1989
ALUMINIUM ALLOYS & ALLIED No. 20, Narasimharaja Road, Bangalore 560 002 (Kar)    Aluminium pipes Yr.1987
AMAR-DEO PLASTIC INDUSTRIES 7-9, New Satguru Nanik Industrial Estate, Western Express Highway, Goregaon (E), Mumbai 400 063 (Mh)    AMAR-DEO Rigid PVC pipes CS 207-60, IS 2509, IS 4985-1981, IS 9537 - OD: 11 to 160 mm. Thk.: 1.5-6.5 mm. Length: 3 m.
ANAND MEHAN POLYMERS PVT. LTD 14/4, Milestone, Mathura Road, Faridabad (Har)    ANANDA'S RMP pipes and fittings Yr.1991 - IS 4985 - Resistant to extreme weather, acids, alkalies, fire, UV rays, etc. Non-conductive. Dia.: 50-250 mm. Used for potable water supply, rainwater, sewerage, conduits, etc.
APPOLLO TUBES LTD Allahabad Bank Building, 17, Parliament Street, New Delhi 110 001 (Del)    Steel tubes and pipes Yr.1973 - Used for water supply, structural purpose, etc.
PADMINI INDUSTRIES 4056, I Floor, Ajmeri Gate, Delhi 110 006 (Del)    Hose Yr.1989 - IS 5137-1990, IS 639-1988, IS 444-1987, IS 2482-1990 - Include cement grouting, fire fighting, water suction & discharge hoses. Length: up to 15 m. Temperature range: - 40F to +158F. Rubber mats Yr.1989 - IS 5924-1969 - Used as floor covering around electrical panels with rated voltage of 33 KVA (working), as a safe guard against possible leakage of current and short-circuit.
ASHIRVAD ENTERPRISES PVT. LTD Exhibition Road, Patna 800 001 (Bhr)    ASHIRVAD PVC pipes and fittings Yr.1974 - IS 12818, IS 4985, IS 13592, ASTM D-1785 - Include rigid PVC threaded pipes, uPVC plain casing, uPVC ribbed screens, uPVC SWR pipes, direct action hand pumps, etc.
AVADH POLYTUBES PVT. LTD 58/5 Birhana Road, Kanpur 208 001 (UP)    HDPE pipes Yr.1986 - IS 6946 - Non-metallic flexible corrugated single/double walled conduits and tubes, made of polyethylene and polypropylene. Manufactured out of self-extinguishing polymers. OD: 50-120 mm. Used for electrical conduits, protection of wire as sleevings, water supply, drainage, etc. Pipes Yr.1993 - Corrugated suction pipes, made of polyethylene and polypropylene. Dia.: 50-120 mm. Manufactured using latest twin walled technology. Used for cable ducting, dewatering in mines, pumping of flood waters & civil constructions, waste water, effluent disposal, etc.
NEPTUNE PLASTIC & METAL INDUSTRIES Jain Chambers, 7th Floor, 18 RN Mukherjee Road, Kolkata 700 001 (WB)    NEPTUNE Pipes Yr.1988 - PVC, HDPE and LDPE pipes. NEPTUNE PVC wires & cables Yr.1958
SANT INDUSTRIAL CONTROLS PVT. LTD A-94/1, Sudershan Park, Moti Nagar, New Delhi 110 015 (Del)    SANT Valves - Strainers, ball valves, globe valves, pot strainers, solenoid valves, mixing valves, diverting valves, check valves, balancing valves, flow & float switches, etc.
VEEKAY PLAST INDIA PVT. LTD F 25/26, Kartarpura Industrial Area, 22 Godam, Jaipur 302 006 (Raj)    HIMANGI HDPE sprinkler systems IS 1415
CLIMAX PIPES PVT. LTD 18-B, Brabourne Road, Kolkata 700 002 (WB)    HDPE pipes Yr.1976 - IS 4984 LDPE film Yr.1976 - IS 2508
CLIMAX SYNTHETICS PVT. LTD 11, Pollock Street, Kolkata 700 007 (WB)    HDPE pipes and fittings Yr.1987 - IS 4984 LDPE film and tubings Yr.1984 - IS 2508 - Used in lining of canals, reservoirs, industrial effluent plants, tunnels, trenches, etc. UV stabilized film IS 12786
DYNAMIC ENTERPRISES CFF-1, Jumbo House, Okhla III, Jumbo Industrial Estate, New Delhi (Del)    UPAJ Rigid PVC pipes Yr.1987 - IS 4985 - Used for water supply, sewage, etc.
DYNAMIC PETRO PRODUCTS LTD Plot No. 4, Sector III, Industrial Area, Solan District, Parwanoo 173 220 (HP)    PVC pipes Yr.1995 - IS 4985-1988 - OD: up to 315 mm. Used for water supply, sewage, etc.
EPC INDUSTRIE LTD 201, Delta, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai 400 076 (Mh)    EPC Pipes - Polyethylene and polypropylene piping systems for water distribution. Manufactured in collaboration with Georg Fischer Wavin, Switzerland.
GAUTHAMI PIPES PVT. LTD 12-13-65/66, Street No. 4, Tarnaka, Secunderabad 501 507 (AP)    HDPE pipes - Dia. 20-225 mm.
GIPS PLASTIC INDUSTRIES 9 Gulab, 14B Carter Road, Bandra [W], Mumbai 400 050 (Mh)    FRP, HDPE & PP pipes and fittings including valves Yr.1980 - IS 4984, DIN 8074-1977 PVC water tanks Yr.1980
GREEN GOLD IRRIGATION PVT. LTD Gol Bazar, Dongargarh, Rajnandgaon District 491 445 (CG)    Pipes - HDPE, LLDPE & LDPE pipes. Dia.: 12-315 mm.
GWALIOR POLYPIPES LTD Sanju Estate, Malanpur Industrial Area, Malanpur, Bhind District (MP)    PVC pipes & fittings Yr.1982 - IS 10124, IS 4985 - Include corrugated pipes and fittings, profile sections and uPVC pipes.
INDIAN POLY PIPES 10/2, Marquis Street, Kolkata 700 016 (WB)    HDPE pipes Yr.1980 - IS 4984-1987 - Corrosion resistant. Used for domestic and industrial water supply.
JAIN IRRIGATION SYSTEMS LTD Jain Fields, NH No. 6, PO Box 72, Bambhori, Jalgaon 425 001 (Mh)    JAIN RIB LOC PVC pipes and fittings Yr.1975 - IS 4985, IS 12818, DIN 4925 - Include well casing and ribbed screen pipes with socket and spigot joint. For water supply and sewage. Manufactured in technical collaboration with Rib-Loc Group, Australia. EX-CEL PVC sheets Yr.1990 - Include free foam sheets, integrated foam sheets, rigid foam sheets and compact & multiwall polycarbonate sheets. Used for doors, windows, false ceilings, domes, etc. JAIN Polybutelene plumbing systems Yr.1993 - Manufactured in technical collaboration with Vanguard, USA. TIMBRON Polystyrene sheets Yr.1990 - Wood substitute sheets. Resistant to termite, warping and water absorption. Manufactured in collaboration with Glynwed Group, UK. JAIN SUN-WATT Solar energy equipment Yr.1994 -Manufactured with technical license from Amcor Ltd, Israel. JAIN Valves Yr.1989 - Include plastic valves, ball valves, gate valves, foot valves and drain locks. HDPE pipes Yr.1991 - IS 4984 - For water, sewerage, etc. JAIN PVC door and window profiles JAIN Granite slabs
JAIN TUBE CO. LTD D-20, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110 001 (Del)    JTC PVC pipes and fittings Yr.1967 - IS 4985-1968 - Self-extinguishing. Dia.: 110-315 mm. For water supply, sewerage disposal, electrical conduits, etc. Manufactured using Cincinnati Mila Cron, Austria. TC Steel pipes and tubes Yr.1967 - IS 1978-1982, IS 3589-1981, IS 4270-1983, IS 1239-1990, BS 1387-1967, BS 1775-1964, ASTM A-120, ASTM A-153, ASTM A-512, DIN 2439, DIN 2440, DIN 2441, JIS G-3452-1973, ISO 65-1979 - Black & galvanised tubes with plain and screwed & socketed ends. NB: 15-400 mm. OD: 21-406.8 mm. Used for general engineering purposes, electrical wiring, water supply, sewage, etc. Manufactured using high frequency induction welding process.
JAYSHREE POLYTEX LTD 23A, NS Road, 11th Floor, Kolkata 700 001 (WB)    HDPE pipes IS 4984 - Used for water supply, sewage & industrial effluents.
NANDA TUBES 4787/13, Sumi Market, Phatak Namak, Hauz Khas, New Delhi (Del)    Copper and brass pipes & tubes Yr.1997 - In a range of shapes and sizes for plumbing.
NARMADA MACPLAST DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEMS LTD 27, Savita Society, 1st Floor, Near Naranpura Railway Crossing, Naranpura, Ahmedabad 380 013 (Guj)    PVC pipes and plastic fittings Yr.1972 - ISO 9002 - Rigid PVC hardware. Also include equipment like pop-ups, drip & micro sprinklers. HDPE pipes
PHOEL INDUSTRIES LTD C-4/4A, Model Town III, Delhi 110 009 (Del)    PHOEL HDPE pipes Yr.1998 - IS 4984-1995, IS 14151, IS 14333 - Manufactured using extrusion process.
PLASTONAA CO. PVT. LTD Industrial Estate, Tirupati 517 506 (AP)    PLASTONAA PVC pipes Yr.1982 - IS 4985, IS 2509 - With threaded ends. Dia.: up to 140 mm. In selected colours. Used for plumbing and electrical conduiting.
PREMIER PLASTIC INDUSTRIES 33, Ground Floor, Al-Kareem Trade Centre, Rani Gunj, Secunderabad 500 003 (AP)    PREMIER HDPE pipes IS 4984
RAJDHANI CERAMIC INDUSTRY No.1-2-56, Sangeethanagar Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad 500 037 (AP)    Electric fittings and accessories - LT electric insulation. Pipes Yr.1990 - Length: 1 & 2 m. Dia.: 100 & 150 mm. Used for water supply and drainage. Flooring tiles - Acid resistant and other tiles.
RATTAN POLYMERS PVT. LTD 8/15, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi 110 018 (Del)    Pipes and bends IS 9537-1983 - Made of PVC, uPVC and HDPE. Include conduit pipes, flexible hoses & flexible pipes. Dia.: 12-50 mm.
REGAL POLYMERS LTD 406, Kusalbazar, 32-33, Nehru Place, New Delhi 110 066 (Del)    REGAL Plastic products Yr.1988 - IS 4985, IS 12818 - (i) RMP pipes. OD: 110-250 mm. (ii) RMP roofing sheets. (iii) uPVC pipes - OD: 15.5-311.2 mm.
RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LTD III Floor, Maker Chambers IV, 222, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021 (Mh)    REON Pipes and fittings - Manufactured in technical collaboration with Geon Company, USA.
ROHINI FLANGE INDUSTRY PVT. LTD 524 A, Sudershan Park, Behind Main Market, Moti Nagar, New Delhi 110 015 (Del)    ROHINI Pipe fittings Yr.1982 - Flanges, bends and elbows.
SAHIL STEEL TUBES PVT. LTD 174-1, KS Garden, 4th Cross, Lalbagh Road, Bangalore 560 027 (Kar)    Pipes IS 1239 - Borewell casing pipes. (ii) Black pipes. Dia.: 0.5-6 ft.
SATELLITE 2A-2, Court Chambers, 35 New Marine Lines, Mumbai 400 020 (Mh)    SPUTNIK Corrugated flexible pipes
SHAKTI IRRIGATION 186-A, 22 Godown Industrial Area, Jaipur 302 006 (Raj)    SHAKTI HDPE pipes
SHAKTI RUBBER PRODUCTS No. 5-4-140/16, I Floor, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Ranigunj, Secunderabad 500 003 (AP)    SHAKTI Rubber hoses - Suction hoses, water hoses, heat resistant hoses, cement grouting hoses, general purpose hoses, etc.
SHIRISH STRAW BOARD INDUSTRIES Cart Sarai, Upper Bazar, Ranchi 834 001 (Jhk)    GARIMA Rainwater pipes Yr.1998
SHREE BHANDARI PLASTIC PVT. LTD F-49, RIICO Industrial Area, Shahpura, Jaipur 303 103 (Raj)    SAGAR, SURAJ HDPE pipes
SHYAM INDUSTRIES F-197, Road No. 9F, VKI Area, Jaipur (Raj)    JAYSHREE, MAHESH Pipes - HD, HM, HDPE & LD pipes.
SONAL PIPES G-46, MIDC, Jalgaon 425 003 (Mh)    SONOLEX Rigid PVC pipes Yr.1996 - IS 4985-1988 - Dia.: 63 - 110 mm.
SONI RUBBER PRODUCTS LTD No. 4, Princep Street, Kolkata 743 472 (WB)    SONI Hoses - Hydraulic and pneumatic hoses in various models.
SRI PRAKASH COPPER PVT. LTD B-32, Juhu Sun 'N' Sea Apartments, 338 Juhu Road, Juhu, Mumbai 400 049 (Mh)    Copper pipes & bronze fittings Yr.1998 - BS 864, BS 2871 - Bronze fittings include tees, elbows, male/female adaptors, etc. Resistant to corrosion, fire, bacteria & fungi.
BANGALORE CERAMICS Bellary Road, Venkatala, Yelahanka, Bangalore 560 064 (Kar)    Salt glazed stoneware pipes and fittings Yr.1986 - Pipe size: 4 - 9''. Dia.: 100-300 mm. Fittings include bends, gully traps, tees, etc.
BANGALORE SILKS & SILICATES PVT. LTD No. 12, Anekallappa Lane, Narayanashettypet, Bangalore 560 002 (Kar)    Stoneware pipes - Dia.: 4-10".
SANJAY STONEWARE PIPES PVT. LTD Plot No. N1/146, IRC Village, Bhubaneshwar 751 015 (Ori)    S Stoneware pipes & fittings Yr.1991 - IS 651 - Fittings include 90 bends, T/Y junctions & gully traps in various sizes. Pipe dia.: 10-400 mm.
HINDUSTAN TILE & POTTERY INDUSTRIES Al-Zam-Zam Complex, 28/2-B CA, Nagpur District (Mh)    Stoneware pipes and fittings Yr.1978 - Used for sanitation, drainage, irrigation, etc. Earthen tiles Yr.1994 - Used for decorative purposes. Tiles for roofing Yr.1978 - Mangalore tiles and ridges.
KIRAN POTTERIES K-5 IDA Uppal, Hyderabad 500 039 (AP)    INDO Stoneware pipes and fittings Yr.1986 - IS 651 - Salt glazed. Dia.: 4-16".
KRISHNA CERAMICS H-No. 12-92, Mancherial 504 208 (AP)    Salt & stoneware glazed pipes Yr.1982 - IS 651 - In various diameter and standard lengths. Resistant to acids, alkalies and corrosion.
SHRI NATARAJ CERAMIC & CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LTD Dalmiapuram, Trichy District 621 651 (TN)    DALMIA Salt glazed stoneware pipes and fittings Yr.1967 - IS 651-1992 - (i) Pipes. Dia.: 100-300 mm. (ii) Fittings like bends, junctions, channels, uplefts and uprights. Manufactured by extrusion process. Exported to Sri Lanka.
SL CERAMICS PVT. LTD 21/1, 5th Cross, Wilson Garden, Bangalore 560 027 (Kar)    Stoneware pipes and fittings Yr.1993 - (i) Salt glazed pipes. Dia.: 4-12". (ii) Fittings like bends, traps and Y junctions.
POLYPACK INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD 194, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon 122 006 (Har)    POLYPACK PVC pipes - IS 9537
POLYTRUSIONS PVT. LTD 2-D, Gleneden Place, 813, PH Road, Kilpauk, Chennai 600 010 (TN)    TRUBORE uPVC pipes Yr.1986 - IS 4985, IS 12818 - Include pressure pipes, threaded pipes, casings and screens. Size: 20-315 mm. Exported to Africa, Middle East, Singapore.
PRECISION IRRIGATION & SANITATION SYSTEMS PVT. LTD 18/D, Nand Jyot Industrial Estate, Safed Pool, Andheri-Kurla Road, Mumbai 400 072 (Mh)    KRISHIJAL PVC pipes and fittings - IS 4985-1988 - 1) uPVC pipes - OD: 20-315 mm. 2) Couplers - Size: 20-315 mm. 3) Tee joints - Size: 20-315 mm. 4) Bends - Size: 20-315 mm. Used for water supply, drainage & sewerage, cable ducting, etc.
PRECISION PIPES & PROFILES CO. 4561, Deputy Ganj, Sadar Bazar, Delhi 110 006 (Del)    PVC cable channels Yr.1979 - Used for wiring. PVC hoses Yr.1986 - Manufactured using technical know-how from Indusrie Plastiche, Italy. PVC water stops
RAJIV INDUSTRIES C-160, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase I, New Delhi 110 020 (Del)    Rigid PVC pipes Yr.1993
RATNA PLASTICS Alcot Gardens, Rajahmundry 533 101 (AP)    RATNA Rigid PVC water pipes and conduits Yr.1983 - Used for conduits, plumbing, irrigation and sanitation.
RAYALSEEMA RIGID PVC PIPES INDUSTRIES 5/11, MG Street, Sri Kalahasthi, Chittoor District 517 644 (AP)    SIVA Rigid PVC pipes Yr.1993 - Dia.: 20-110 mm.
RHINO PIPES 118/2, Krishnagiri Main Road, Dharmapuri 636 703 (TN)    RHINO, SICAL, T&M PVC pipes Yr.1982 - IS 4985, ASTM D-1785, BS 3505, BS 3506, BS 4660, BS 5481 - Pipes for potable water supply & sewage disposal and blue threaded pipes.
SAKET TUBES Surya Vihar, Exhibition Road, Patna 800 001 (Bhr)    SAKET PVC products Yr.1988 - IS 4985-1988, ASTM D-1785, IS 1239, IS 12818-1992, IS 10124 - Casing pipes, fittings, plumbing pipes, ribbed filters and uPVC pipes.
SARASWATI ENTERPRISES Dani Building, Near Deshbandhu School, Station Road, Raipur 492 009 (CG)    SARASWATI PVC pipes and fittings Yr.1982 - IS 4985-1988, IS 9537-1983
SELFSHINE INDUSTRIES 'PVC House', C-10 Central Road, Marol MIDC, Andheri [E], Mumbai 400 093 (Mh)    PRINCE uPVC pipes and fittings - Drainage cleansing pipes, couplers, bends, Ys, Ts, reducers, socket plugs, traps, cowl, round jali holes & strips, pipe clips, etc.
SHIV ELECTRICALS 1/6, Vidhya Industrial Estate, Opposite Shrirang Chemicals, Near Ambicanagar, Odhav, Ahmedabad 382 415 (Guj)    UMA, SHIV, GANESH PP pipes and fittings Yr.1983 - IS 10805 - Include plastic foot valves, gate valves, air valves, taps, tees, elbows, hex nipples, plugs, couplers, push cocks, union, end caps, reducers, ball valves, reflux valves, bore valves, check valves, collars, connectors and tank joints. Sanitaryware
SHIVA POLYTUBES PVT. LTD 201, Vrindavan Kunj, Exhibition Road, Patna 800 001 (Bhr)    SHIVA PVC pipes Yr.1994 - ASTM D 1775-1983, IS 1239, IS 12818-1992, IS 4985 - Include rigid PVC blue threaded plumbing pipes, grey rigid PVC pipes, rigid PVC casing pipes and ribbed screens. Dia.: 40-125 mm.
SHREE NARAYAN INDUSTRIES 1737, I Floor, Daribakalan, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi 110 006 (Del)    SNI PVC products Yr.1967 - Conduit pipes, junction boxes, bends and elbows. Pipe dia.: 19-50 mm.
SRPL LTD Rakesh Mansion, Bhavani Garden, Labbipet, Vijayawada 520 010 (AP)    PVC pipes and fittings Yr.1989 - IS 4985 - Dia.: 20-315 mm. Manufactured in collaboration with Klockner Windsor, West Germany.
SURESH INDUSTRIES 5, Mariswamappa Lane, SJP Road Cross, Bangalore 560 002 (Kar)    Polythene pipes Yr.1985 - IS 1239, IS 1161 - Length: 6-13 m.
SURYA POLYMERS 52/8, Sembudoss Street, I Floor, Chennai 600 001 (TN)    SURYA PVC pipes and fittings Yr.1985 - IS 7834 - Elbows, tees, adaptors, service saddles, elbows and end caps. Dia.: 20-160 mm.
SWAYAMBHU INDUSTRIES LTD K-37/38, MIDC Industrial Area, Hingna Road, Nagpur 440 016 (Mh)    JALGANGA PVC pipes and fittings Yr.1965 - IS 4985-1988 - Include rigid PVC pipes, SWR pipes, bends and couplers.
THE SUPREME INDUSTRIES LTD 612, Raheja Chambers, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021 (Mh)    R-ARMOUR, SUPREME PVC pipes and fittings Yr.1988 - IS 4985-81, IS 10124, IS 5329, IS 7834, ASTM D-1785, IS 554, IS 2556, DIN 19531 - (i) uPVC high pressure threaded pipes and fittings like elbows, couplers, unions, reducers, end caps, etc. (ii) uPVC floor, P & S traps. Manufactured in collaboration with Klockner Pertaplast GmbH, Germany. (iii) PVC fittings like couplers, elbows, equal Ts, tail pieces, service saddles, male/female threaded adaptors, reducers, end caps, bends, cleaning pipes, Ys, socket plugs, vent cowls, pipe clips, WC connectors, gully traps, etc. Manufactured using injection moulded process. (iv) Polyethylene sheets. (v) Polyethylene foam back-up rods and sheets. (vi) Agricultural PVC pipes. SUPREME Carpet underlays
UGRI POLYPLAST PVT. LTD Shed No. 1, Manorath Estate, Near Milan Cinema, Saraspur, Ahmedabad 380 018 (Guj)    UGRI PVC pipe fittings Yr.1993 - IS 7834 - SWR pipes & blue threaded pipes and fittings like plain elbow, door elbow, plain Ts, door Ts, plain 'Y', vent cowl, coupler, etc. Rust and leak proof. Socketed at both ends. Mirror finish inside allows easy flow of liquids. Size: 75-110 mm. Used for joining PVC pipes in storm water drainage, water lines, tubewell connections and all types of construction works. Exported to Africa.
USHA AGRO INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD Chandragunj Manzil, Exhibition Road, Patna 800 001 (Bhr)    USHA OMNI PVC pipes IS 12818 - Include blue casing pipes and ribbed filter pipes. Dia.: 15-150 mm.
AJANTHA TILES & CEMENT CONCRETE WORKS 93, DB Road, RS Puram, Coimbatore 641 002 (TN)    RCC products - Posts, rings, fencing posts, pipes, well rings and precast slabs. Concrete grills & balustrades
SRI SRINIVASA SPUN PIPES Pithapuram Road, Thimmapuram, Kakinada 533 015 (AP)    RCC products Yr.1921 - IS 458-1988 - (i) Pipes. Pressure/non-pressure types. Dia.;100-1800 mm. Manufactured by spun process. (ii) Enclosed rubberings and well rings.
ARMAN TRADERS 53/434, Motilal Nagar No. 1, Goregaon [W], Mumbai 400 104 (Mh)    RCC products Yr.1992 - (i) Covers - Rectangular & circular shaped in various sizes. (ii) Gratings. (iii) Channels. (iv) Windows. (v) Poles. (vi) Plates. (vii) Khambli. (viii) Railings. (ix) Grills. (x) Pipes in two pressure classes. Dia.: 100-1800 mm.
VIDHYA SPUN PIPE PVT. LTD 11, Shahjanaf Road, Lucknow 226 016 (UP)    RC spun pipes Yr.1986 - Size: 350-1600 mm.
BHILAI CEMENT PIPE MANUFACTURING CO. PO Industrial Estate, Nandini Road, Durg District, Bhilai 490 026 (CG)    RCC pipes and fittings Yr.1966 - IS 458-1988 - Hume pipes and collars of class Np2, Np3, Np4 and P1. Dia.: 150-2000 mm. Used for irrigation, culverts, small bridges, etc.
SOMAYAJI CERAMICS PVT. LTD 170, Industrial Area, Baikampady, Mangalore 408 468 (Kar)    Stoneware pipes & fittings - (i) Pipes. Dia.: 100-200 mm. (ii) Bends. Dia.: 150 mm. (iii) Y junctions. Size: 4x4x1-9x6x2".
THE MYSORE STONEWARE PIPES & POTTERIES LTD No. 80, PB No. 9537, 6th Cross, Gandhinagar, Bangalore 560 009 (Kar)    Fire bricks - Size: 225x115-225x115x75 mm. Stoneware pipes and fittings Yr.1937 - (i) Pipes: Dia.: 75-300 mm. (ii) Specials: Dia.: 100 & 150 mm. (iii) Bends: Dia.: 100 & 150 mm. (iv) 'T' or 'Y' junctions. Size: 100x100-225x100 mm.
JADIA PIPES INDIA LTD V&P Talwandi Rukka, Hisar District 125 003 (Har)    MS tubes and ERW pipes Yr.1985 - Used for structural and electrical purposes.
AGGARWAL IRON & STEEL INDUSTRIES 2897, Sirkiwalan, Room No. 11, II Floor, Hauz Qazi, Delhi 110 006 (Del)    Steel pipes Yr.1980 - Black and galvanised steel pipes and tubes. Exported to Bhutan, Dubai, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.
DELHI TUBES LTD 8, Nacharam, IDA, Hyderabad 501 507 (AP)    Tubes Yr.1982 - IS 1239, IS 1161, IS 3601 - MS, ERW tubes and galvanised steel tubes. Dia.: 15-175 mm.
ARUN PIPES LTD III Floor, 78, Usman Road, T Nagar, Chennai 600 017 (TN)    ARUN Steel pipes and fittings Yr.1991 - IS 1239-1990, IS 1161-1979, IS 3601 - Dia: 15-80 mm. Length: 4-7 m. In light, medium and heavy types.
ASRANI TUBES LTD 55, IV Cross, Lalbagh Road, Khader Shariff Garden, Bangalore 560 027 (Kar)    Steel tubes Yr.1970 - IS 1239, IS 1161 - ERW black pipes and tubes. Dia.: 15-250 mm. Length: 20'.
MANYAM ENGINEERING ENTERPRISES Plot No. 6, Jayaprakash Nagar, Sanat Nagar, Hyderabad 500 018 (AP)    Steel products Yr.1982 - (i) Pipes. Dia.: 300 m. Length: 2 m (ii) Custom-made structural sections (iii) Water tanks Capacity: 500-18,000 ltr.
BHILAI AUXILIARY INDUSTRIES 29, Industrial Estate, Bhilai 490 026 (CG)    Steel pipes Yr.1972 - IS 1239, IS 10577 - Lancing pipes and MS black pipes.
BHOORATHNAM & CO. 7-3-719, Rashtrapathi Road, Secunderabad 500 003 (AP)    Pipes - Made of MS, RCC and PSC.
CORAMANDEL PRESTCRETE PVT. LTD No. 8-2-268/1/B/18, Plot No. 18, Arora Colony-2, Road No. 3, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 500 034 (AP)    Pipes - MS and prestressed concrete pipes.
HARYANA TUBE MANUFACTURING CO. 6th Mile Stone, Delhi Road, Hisar 125 005 (Har)    HTC Steel pipes and tubes Yr.1974 - IS 1239-1990, IS 1161 - Black and galvanised steel tubes with plain and screwed & socketed ends. Used for water supply & structural purposes.
KARNATAKA PIPES & TUBES PVT. LTD 7A, 17E Cross, Indiranagar, II Stage, Bangalore 560 038 (Kar)    KPTL ERW MS pipes Yr.1997 - IS 1161, IS 1239, IS 3601 - Available in light, medium & heavy series. Size: 20-80 mm NB series. Also available in OD of 50 & 63.5 mm.
KHANDEWAL INDUSTRIES 14-A, Industrial Area, Pather Dihi, Dhanbad 826 020 (Jhk)    MS tubes & tubulars Yr.1980 - IS 1239
MAINGI BROTHERS Opposite Central Bank of India, Industrial Estate, Jalandhar 144 004 (Puj)    HBI Heavy pipes fittings - Malleable galvanised CI pipe fittings Used for water, oil, air and gas piping systems.
MONARCH PIPES PVT. LTD 701, VII Floor, Paigha Plaza, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad 500 029 (AP)    MONARCH, KOHINOOR, KRISHNA Pipes IS 12818-1992, IS 4985-1988 - (i) Blue casing pipes. (ii) PVC pipes & fittings.
NANDI STEEL TUBES PVT. LTD 179, MG Road, Secunderabad 500 003 (AP)    NANDI MS tubes IS 1239 - Black and galvanised light, medium & heavy tubes.
NAV BHARAT INDUSTRIES 2, Clive Ghat Street, Sagar Estate, Ground Floor, Unit No. 7, Kolkata 700 001 (WB)    NBI, SOIF CI pipes and fittings Yr.1976 - IS 7181, IS 1538, IS 1536 - Include double flange, acid proof, fire fighting & soil pipes and fittings ranging from 80 to 1000 mm dia. CI valves Yr.1976 - Sluice and non-return valves. Used in water and sewage systems. MS pipes and fittings
NAVABHARAT TUBES LTD E134, MGD Market, Jaipur 302 002 (Raj)    Pipes - IS 1239-1990 - Include ERW black, galvanized steel tubes and pipes in light, medium and heavy classes. Size: 0.5-4". Length: 4-7 m. Thk: 2-5.4 mm.
PRACHI INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD A-14, I Floor, Wazirpur Industrial Area, Ring Road, Delhi 110 052 (Del)    PI Steel products - (i) MS, SS and brass tubes. Dia: 0.5-3". Length: 12-144". (ii) Staircase railings - powder coated finish with PU coating in a range of designs.
PS STEEL TUBES PVT. LTD 26/27, Akash Ganga Complex, Bupela, Bhilai, Durg District (CG)    PSTPL Pipes Yr.1994 - IS 1239 - GI & stel pipes.
RAMA STEEL TUBES LTD 15/1, II Floor, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi 110 002 (Del)    TTT Steel pipes Yr.1982 - IS 1161-1979, IS 3589-1981 - Black and galvanised pipes with plain/screwed & socketed ends.
SAMANA STEELS LTD Fatehpur, Patiala Road, Samana 147 101 (Puj)    SSL Steel pipes IS 1239 - Used for water supply and electrical works.
SHIVSHAKTI TUBES PVT. LTD HS Atish Market, Jaipur (Raj)    NATIONAL, ATLAS Steel products Yr.1996 - IS 1239 - Include ERW and GI tubes.
SHREE SHYAM TUBES LTD Rajni Gandha Building, Paharganj, New Delhi (Del)    Steel products Yr.1982 - (i) Tubes for structural purposes. (ii) Pipes for water supply.
SIDDHARTHA TUBES LTD III Floor, IDA Building, 15-16, Jawahar Marg, Indore 452 007 (MP)    SIDDHARTHA Steel products Yr.1989 - IS 1161, BS 1775, IS 1239, BS 1387, ASTM A-120 - (i) Cold roll formed steel sections. (ii) ERW black & galvanised steel pipes. (iii) Light, medium & heavy duty black & galvanised steel tubes. Plain ended/screwed and socketed.
SJB TUBES LTD Plot No. 14, DP Co-operative Society, Sindhi Colony, Secunderabad 500 003 (AP)    GI pipes and fittings Yr.1995 - IS 1239 - Dia.: 0.5-8" Manufactured in collaboration with Mannassmann, Germany.
SPAN TUBES LTD B-18, Site IV, Road No. 4, Industrial Area, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad (UP)    TTI Steel pipes & tubes Yr.1987
STEEL & METAL TUBES INDIA LTD 1/16-A, 4th Floor, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi 110 002 (Del)    SMT Steel pipes Yr.1979 - IS 1239, IS 1161, IS 3601, IS 3589 - ERW MS pipes. Plain ended/bevelled edges/screwed & socketed.
STEEL TUBES OF INDIA Steel Tube Road, Dewas 455 001 (MP)    Steel pipes and fittings Yr.1967 - IS 3074 - ERW & CEW tubes and boiler tubes.
SURAJ STAINLESS LTD A 6th Floor, Kalpana Complex, Near Memnagar Fire Station, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380 009 (Guj)    Steel tubes and pipes - In seamless & welded types.
TAJ STEEL TUBES 27, JCI Estate, Kanakapura Road, KK Post, Bangalore 560 062 (Kar)    TAJ MS tubes and pipes Yr.1978 - Manufactured from hot and cold rolled materials using high frequency induction welding.
TAMILNADU STEEL TUBES LTD 7A, Sunkurama Street, Chennai 600 001 (TN)    TNT Steel pipes and tubes Yr.1980 - IS 1239, IS 1161, BS 1387, ASTM A-120, SCH 40 - ERW black & galvanised pipes & tubes with plain/screwed socketed ends and plain ends with threads & couplers. Used for fencing, water supply, etc. Manufactured using high frequency electric resistance welding.
AARCEE INDUSTRIES LTD 7th Km, Barwala Road, Talwandi Rana, Hisar 125 001 (Har)    ARCEE PVC pipes and fittings Yr.1992 - IS 4985-1981 - Pipe OD: 16-315 mm. Fittings include couplers, bends, end caps, tees, flange tail pieces, threaded adaptors, reducers, service saddles and rubber ring jointing. Also include HDPE pipes.
JAI INDUSTRIAL WORKS 22-26, Industrial Estate, Bais Godam, Jaipur 302 008 (Raj)    POLYPAN PVC pipes IS 4985 - Fire retardant. Water and moisture proof. Used for water supply.
PRAKASH INDUSTRIES LTD Padma Tower, 17th Floor, 5, Rajendra Palace, New Delhi 110 008 (Del)    PVC pipes Yr.1982 Steel structures
PRAYAG TUBES PVT. LTD 2468, Prayag House, Naluya Street, Patparganj, New Delhi 110 055 (Del)    PRAYAG, WESTON PVC flexible pipes Yr.1978 - In transparent and white (milky) corrugated types. Dia: 0.25-2".
SUDHAKAR GROUP OF INDUSTRIES Plot Nos. E-9, Industrial Estate, Suryapet, Nalgonda District 508 214 (AP)    SUDHAKAR Rigid pipes & fittings Yr.1972 - IS 4984, IS 12786, IS 4985, IS 13592 - HDPE, LDPE and PVC pipes & fittings. Used for water supply, irrigation, sewerage & sanitation and electrical conduiting.
SUDHAKAR PLASTIC PVT. LTD 46-49, RR Towers, Chirag Ali Lane, Hyderabad 500 001 (AP)    PVC pipes and fittings Yr.1971 - IS 4985 - Used for water supply.
AJAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION 10, Deputy Ganj, I Floor, Sadar Bazar, New Delhi 110 006 (Del)    PVC pipes Yr.1968 - Used for water supply, sewerage and irrigation.
AKG INDUSTRIES B-67, Okhla, Phase I, New Delhi 110 020 (Del)    AKG Electrical conduit pipes and casings Yr.1986 - IS 1653, IS 2509, IS 9537 - PVC and ERW stove enamelled steel conduit pipes and fittings.
DEEPAK UDYOG 1737, I Floor, Dariba Kalan, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi 110 006 (Del)    DU PVC conduit pipes Yr.1994
INFRA INDUSTRIES LTD Dhiraj Chambers, 7th Floor, 9, Hazarimal Somani Marg, Mumbai 400 001 (Mh)    INFRA PVC pipes & fittings Yr.1995 - IS 13592-1992, IS 5382-1985 - Include single/double Ts & Ys, bends, couplers, reducers, cleaning pipes, multi floor traps, socket plugs, vent cowl, P-traps, WC bend connectors, square tile with jali, pipe clips, rubber lip rings, etc. Dia.: 75-110 mm. INFRA Water tanks Yr.1989 - IS 12701-1989 - Available in various types - vertical cylindrical with open/closed top, rectangular and loft tanks. Capacity: 100-20,000 ltr. Optionally provided with GI, PVC or brass fittings. Manufactured using rotational moulding process. INFRA SHEETS Polymers and polystyrene materials
RS ARORA INDUSTRIES 5-5-105/1 to 3, I Floor, Ranigunj, Hyderabad 500 003 (AP)    FIXOSEAL PVC products Yr.1992 - IS 12200, UIC 772, IRC-83-1987 - (i) Water stops - profiles based on specifically formulated plasticised PVC composition. Safeguard against hydrostatic pressure and water seepage. (ii) Neoprene bearing pads for bridges, aquaducts, etc. (iii) Bulb seals and musical note seals for stopping water leakage in hydraulic dam gates. (iv) Rubber & PVC hoses for water supply. Conveyor and elevator belts Elastomeric bearings Mastic pads (bitumen boards)
ALLVA PLAST 60, Needarajapaiyer Street, Pondicherry 605 001 (Pon)    PVC pipes Yr.1979 - OD: 16-110 mm. Wire cut machine-mould bricks Yr.1988 - Compressive strength: 120-140 kg/sq.cm. Size: 9x4.25x3".
AMOGH PLASTOPACK PVT. LTD Construction House, 796/189-B, Bhandarkar Institute Road, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune 411 004 (Mh)    VARSHA GOLD PVC SWR drainage system - UV stabilized. Used for disposal of soil, waste and rainwater.
AMRIT EXTRUSIONS PVT. LTD 108-109, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Complex, MTH Compound, Indore 452 007 (MP)    BARKHA Pipes Yr.1990 IS 4985-1988 - SWR and plumbing pipes.
ARAVALI GROUP OF INDUSTRIES 237, UE-II, Hisar 125 005 (Har)    ARAVALI Pipes Yr.1991 - ASTM D-1785, BS 1387-1985, BS 3505, DIN 4925, IS 1161, IS 1239-1990, IS 3589-1981, IS 4985, IS 12818 - Dia.-: 20-400 mm. (i) PVC threaded & non threaded pipes - plain end pipes, selfit pipes, well casing & screens, ringtite pipes, etc. (ii) GI & black steel pipes. (iii) HDPE pipes. (iv) ERW steel pipes. ARAVALI OPC Yr.1993 - IS 8112 - 33 & 43 grade.
CHANDRA PRECISION EXTRUSIONS 88-A, Salai Vinayagar Road, Dharmapuri 636 703 (TN)    PVC pipes Yr.1982 - IS 4985 - In a range of sizes.
CHEM-PLAS INDIA 7-1-60, Dharam Karam Road, Veena Apartments, Flat No. 304, Ameerpet, Hyderabad 500 016 (AP)    Plastic and steel products - Include fume extraction systems, ducts, pipe lines, pipe fixtures, anti-corrosive coatings & linings, sheets & laminates, tanks, chimneys, drain pipes and roof gutters made of FRP, PVC, PP, HDPE, PVDF, MS, SS, etc.
ASHIRVAD PIPES PVT. LTD No. 1, Gunduthop, Behind KTC Godown, Bommanahalli, Bangalore 560 068 (Kar)    ASHIRVAD, SINGAL Pipes & fittings Yr.1996 - IS 554 - Include rigid PVC threaded pipes, SWR PVC pipes, MS pipes & tubes, GI pipes, etc. Size: 1-4".
ASHOKA PIPES A-41/1, GT Karnal Road, Industrial Area, Delhi 110 033 (Del)    PVC pipes Yr.1980 - Used for water supply, sanitation, electric conduits, etc.
FINE FLOW PLASTIC INDUSTRIES 403, Steel Centre, Ahmedabad Street, Sant Tukaram Road, Carnac Bunder, Mumbai 400 009 (Mh)    VISHAL PVC pipes and fittings Yr.1996 - IS 4985, IS 13592 - OD: 20-180 mm. For water supply and sewerage systems.
NIRMAL METAL PLASTIC UDYOG 191, Inside Ajmeri Gate, Delhi 110 006 (Del)    PVC pipes and fittings Yr.1995 - Includes beading & sleeving of pipes.
ASTRAL POLYTECHNIK PVT. LTD A-1, Supal Apartments, Nehrupark, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad 380 015 (Guj)    FLOW GUARD Chlorinated PVC pipes - Resistant to fire, aggressive water, corrosion, pit & scale formation. Pressure tested hot and cold water distribution.
BHAGYANAGAR WOOD PLAST LTD IV Floor, KPR House, Sardar Patel Road, Secunderabad 500 003 (AP)    KPR PVC foam profiles Yr.1990 - Compact pore-free surface. Also include PVC foam sheets. Used for door/window frames, window shutter frames, beading, partitions, panelling, etc. DPR PVC pipes and fittings Yr.1990 - Casing, plumbing, suction and irrigation pipes. GOOD FLOW AC pressure pipes Yr.1981 - IS 1592 FLOWELL Submersible pumps Yr.1984
BHUVANA POLYMERS PVT. LTD Plot No. 24, Subbiah Colony, KK Nagar, Madurai 625 020 (TN)    SHIN, BHUVANA Rigid PVC pipes Yr.1993 - IS 4985 - OD: 20-160 mm.
BILLION PLASTICS PVT. LTD 912/913 Tulsiani Chambers, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021 (Mh)    BILLION Pipes and accessories Yr.1969 - IS 4985-1985 - HDPE/PP/PVC pipes, hoses, tubings and water stops. BILLION Construction chemicals - DBP, plasticisers and epoxy compounds.
BRP PLAST PVT. LTD FT-95, Raisar Plaza, Indira Bazar, Jaipur 302 001 (Raj)    VIJAYA PVC pipes Yr.1993
PRIME PETRO PRODUCTS LTD III Floor, Shri Ram Towers, 13-A, Ashok Marg, Lucknow 226 00 (UP)    Water tanks Yr.1993 - IS 12701-1989 - Capacity: 200 to 2000 ltr. Roto-moulded. Rigid PVC pipes Yr.1993 - IS 4985-1988
PRINCE PIPES & FITTINGS LTD Prince Bhavan, 95, Road No. 16, Marol MIDC, Andheri [E], Mumbai 400 093 (Mh)    PRINCE WATEROL uPVC ball valves - IS 554, IS 138, IS 7/1, BS 21, IS 7834, ISO 9002 - In three types - solvent cement socket, threaded socket and flange type. PRINCE uPVC rigid fittings - IS 7834, ISO 9002 - Include couplers, elbows, equal tees, male/female threaded adaptors, service saddles, end caps, tail pieces, flanges, reducers (single/double stage), reducing bushes, reducing elbows & tees and reducing female threaded adaptors and threaded end caps. Manufactured using injection moulding process. PRINCE uPVC pipes and fittings - IS 4985, ASTM-D-1785, IS 554, IS-7-1, BS 21, ISO 9002 - Rigid PVC blue & chlorinated threaded pipes. Size: 20-315mm in 2.5/4/6/10 Kgf/sq cm presssure. PRINCE uPVC valves IS 7834, IS 138, IS 554, IS 7-1, BS 21, ISO 9002 - Include non-return valves and foot valves in threaded and solvent cement type. Size: 20-110 mm.
PRINCE SWR SYSTEMS LTD Prince Arcade, C/10, Central Road, Marol MIDC, Andheri [E], Mumbai 400 093 (Mh)    PRINCE, PRIME, PRIDE SWR drainage systems Yr.1971 - Size: 40 - 160 mm. Exported to Far East, South Africa, UAE, UK.
SANDEEP INDUSTRIES INDIA 2A, Behind Union Bank of India, Near Vitoba Temple, BVK Iyengar Road Cross, Bangalore 560 053 (Kar)    A-ONE PLAST, SANDEEP PLAST PVC pipes and fittings Yr.1989 - Casing/capping and flexible pipes. Used for water, sanitary and electrical works. SPIL Kerb stones - In various shapes and sizes.
SAPTAGIRI PLASTICS LTD 18, Brabourne Road, Kolkata 700 001 (WB)    PVC pipes
EXCEL PLASTICS 'Saket', 11, Prem Nagar, Sapru Marg, Lucknow 226 001 (UP)    EXCELPLAST PVC electrical conduit fittings Yr.1972 EXCELPLAST Rigid PVC pipes and fittings Yr.1972 - IS 7834 - For water supply systems. Manufactured using injection moulding process.
UNIPLAS INDIA LTD Uniplas House, 5, Community Centre, I Floor, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110 057 (Del)    PVC products Yr.1992 - (i) Pipes in various diameters and lengths. Used for water supply, sanitation, etc. (ii) Water tanks. POLYTUF uPVC doors and windows Yr.1992 - Manufactured from a specially formulated PVC extruded into precision and intricate profile sections, which are electro-fusion welded and carry a special EPDM rubber gasket. In standard and custom-made sizes. Exported to Dubai, Mauritius.
DIPLAST PLASTICS LTD C-36, Industrial Phase II, SAS Nagar, Mohali 160 059 (Chd)    DIPLAST PVC products Yr.1972 - IS 4985-1981, IS 9537-1983 - (i) Rigid PVC pipes - Size: 20-250 mm. (ii) PVC conduits - OD: 20-63 mm. (iii) PVC fittings. DIPLAST LLDPE water tanks Yr.1993 - IS 12701-1996, IS 10146-1982 - Manufactured using rotomoulding process.
MOTI PIPE CORPORATION 85 Thambu Chetty Street, Chennai 600 001 (TN)    MFLEX, LION, M-PLAST, ARJUN Rigid PVC pipes Yr.1995 - IS 4985
MOVILEX IRRIGATION LTD Kusgoan Post, Khed-Shivapur, Bhor District, Pune 412 205 (Mh)    MOVILEX Rigid PVC pipes & fittings Yr.1977 - IS 4985-1981 - Dia.: 20-315 mm. MOVILEX Solvent cement
CANARA PIPES PVT. LTD A-278, 6th Main, PIE II Stage, Bangalore 560 058 (Kar)    PVC pipes Yr.1996 - IS 4985-1988
CLARION ENGINEERING CO. 634, KR Gardens, Koramangala, Bangalore 560 095 (Kar)    PVC fittings Yr.1990 - Reducing Ts, Ys and elbow junctions. Dia.: 20-450 mm. Sanitary fittings Yr.1990 - Floor & gully traps and WC connectors.
DELUX PLASTICS INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD B-9, Industrial Area, Site No.1, Bulandshahar Road, Ghaziabad (UP)    PVC pipes Yr.1980
DIAMOND PIPES & TUBES PVT. LTD No. 50, 7th Cross, Wilson Garden, Bangalore 560 027 (Kar)    DUROFLEX, DUROLON PVC hoses Yr.1986 - Include duct hoses, nylon water hoses, plain tubing and suction hoses.
DURO PIPES PVT. LTD 51/A, Sector A, Zone-A, Mancheswar Industrial Estate, PO Rasulgarh, Bhubaneshwar 751 010 (Ori)    DUROPLAST PVC pipes Yr.1984 - IS 4985-2000, IS 12818-1992 - Available with CM/CS/ribbed strainer. Size: 1.5 to 8".
EMCO GENERAL PLASTIC INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD P-30, Gariahat Road, Kolkata 700 029 (WB)    EMCO, RAINDREN, SOLIDREN Pipes Yr.1964 - IS 4984, IS 1239 - (i) Non-threaded HDPE pipes. Dia.: 20-450 mm. (ii) Threaded HDPE pipes. (iii) Polymer pipes with fittings for rain water. (iv) Polymer soil line pipes & fittings. PROTEK Water based coatings Yr.1982I - IS 2645 - Ready to use for impregnation, coating, admixture and as grouting additive.
FINE PLAST POLYMERS LTD 308, Lumbini Enclave, Punjagutta, Hyderabad 500 482 (AP)    FINE PLAST PVC fittings Yr.1987 - Include couplers, traps, bends, tees, Ys, ring seal adaptors, end caps, elbows, male/female adaptors, etc.
GK PLASTICS PVT. LTD 1, Mirbaharghat Street, Near Rajakatra, Kolkata 700 007 (WB)    GK PVC pipes & fittings Yr.1985 - IS 4985, IS 12818, ASTM 1785 - Include rigid & SWR pipes & tubewell strainers. Size: 0.5-7".
GUNA POLY PIPES 7, Elukadal Agraharam, Madurai 625 001 (TN)    PVC rigid pipes & fittings Yr.1991 - For water supply systems.
INDIAN TRADE & INDUSTRIES 104, Angappa Naicken Street, Chennai 600 001 (TN)    Casing and capping pipes Yr.1978 - Dia.: 16-50 mm.
KANTA ENTERPRISES 5-5-156, Lalagudi Bazar, Secunderabad 500 003 (AP)    KANTAFLEX Mastic pads Yr.1992 - IS 1838 - Bituminous fibre boards. Used as expansion joint seal in construction joints. KANTAFLEX PVC water hoses Yr.1989 - IS 444 KANTAFLEX Water stops Yr.1990 - IS 1200-1987 - In std shapes. Used to arrest water seepage in RCC construction.
KAS KHAIR POLYPACK LTD No. 86/A, Anuradha Industrial Estate, YV Annaiah Road, Yelachenahalli, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore 560 078 (Kar)    PVC rigid sanitation pipes Yr.1996 - Dia.: 20-110 mm.
KISAN MOULDINGS LTD 23/25, Ashok Chambers, Devaji Ratansey Marg, Mumbai 400 009 (Mh)    KISAN, CLASSIC Pipes and fittings Yr.1983 - IS 7834, IS 4985, ASTM D-1785, DIN 19531, DIN 19532 - Rigid PVC pipes, PVC suction-delivery hoses, PVC injection moulded fittings, blue threaded PVC pipes & fittings, SWR PVC pipes & fittings, HDPE pipes, PVC casting pipes, PVC garden tubings, etc. Dia.: 40 - 150 mm. CLASSIC Flushing cisterns - In various colours. KISAN Solvent cements & rubber solvents
KONARK PIPE MANUFACTURING CORPORATION N-3/128, RC Village, Nayapally, Bhubaneshwar 751 015 (Ori)    KONARK PVC pipes & fittings Yr.1993 - IS 1239, IS 4985-1988, ASTM D-1785-1989, DIN 4925 - Blue threaded flexible and ribbed pipes. Dia.: 0.5-4". Fittings include couplers, bends, Ts, reducers, conduit clamps and accessories. Used for water supply and sewerage.
LAKSHMI PVC PRODUCTS PVT. LTD 25/1, Ramaswamy Street, T Nagar, Chennai 600 017 (TN)    LAKSHMI PVC SWR fittings Yr.1990 - BS 4514 - A range of fittings including bends, Ts, Ys, plain door cross, vent cowls, plain shoes, Nahni/multi traps, couplers, WC connector bends, pipe clips, service doors, grating frames with service door, repair couplers, WC connectors straight with lip ring and offset.
LAXMAN COMMERCIAL LTD 3/24/2, Jawahar Nagar, Industrial Area, Main Loni Road, Shahdara, Delhi 110 094 (Del)    LAXMAN PVC water stops - In various types. Used as watertight seals in poured concrete structures such as basements & foundations, floor slabs, terraces, concrete runways, retaining walls, overhead & underground water tanks, etc.
LIGHTCRAFT POLYTRUSIONS PVT. LTD 68-11, MIDC, Street No. 13, Andheri [E], Mumbai 400 093 (Mh)    CIRCLE ARK PVC pipes & fittings IS 9537, IS 3419, IS 5133, BS 4607, BS 6099, BS 4678, IS 13592-1992, IS 4985-1988, IS 7834-1987, IS 5382-1985, BS 4514-1983, BS 5255-1989, BS 5627-1984, BS 3942-1979, BS 4576-1989, IS 5133-1969, BS 4607, BS 6099, IEC 1084, IS 6946-1973, IS 4985-1981 - Include pipes and fittings such as couplers, bends, single/double Ys & Ts, vent cowl, reducers, junction box, extension rings, circular lids, elbows, adaptors, etc. in a range of sizes. CIRCLE ARK Solvent cement
LIJOY PLASTICS Elinjipra, Pariyaram, Chalakudy, Thrissur District 680 721 (Ker)    JETLINE PVC pipes Yr.1993 - IS 4985-1988, BS 5255, BS 4514, DIN 6801-1962 - Metallic PVC pipes. A combination of PVC and different metallic oxides like aluminium, iron, sodium, silicon, etc. Dia.: 20-110 mm. Also include normal PVC pipes.
LOTUS ROOFINGS PVT. LTD New No 338, Thambu Chetty Street, Chennai 600 001 (TN)    LOTUS Rigid PVC pipes - IS 4985, IS 12818, ASTM D-1785 - Size: 20-200 mm. Used for drinking water, electrical conduits, etc. LOTUS PVC cladding sheets - Corrosion & weather resistant. Termite proof. Possess high tensile strength and flexibility. Used for wall cladding, false ceiling, door skins, etc. LOTUS Roofing sheets Yr.1985 - CNS 3144 - Made of RMP and PVC. Include opaque/translucent and corrugated/plain PVC sheets in various colours.
MACOPLAST ASSOCIATES No. 17, Narasimmaiah Block, Venkateshpuram, Arabic College Post, Bangalore 560 045 (Kar)    Blue threaded PVC pipes Yr.1986 - IS 4985, IS 7834
MAHENDRA PLAST INDUSTRIES Kasturi, 115, Jilla Peth, Behind Dr. Doshi's Hospital, Jalgaon 425 001 (Mh)    Rigid PVC pipes Yr.1993 - IS 4985-1988 - Dia.: 20-110 mm.
OSWAL CABLE PRODUCTS A-93/1, Wazirpur Group Industrial Area, Delhi 110 052 (Del)    OSWAL PVC pipes and fittings Yr.1970 - In light, medium and heavy types. Dia.: 10-75 mm. Used for electrical conduits and water supply.
PINOLEX PIPES PVT. LTD 98/6, Ground Floor, 22nd Cross, 3rd 'C' Main, VI Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore 560 082 (Kar)    Pipes and fittings Yr.1979 - IS 1879, IS 4985, DIN 1785, IS 1239 - Made of GI, PVC and steel. Dia.: 15-250 mm.
PIONEER PLASTIC INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD A-130/135, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II, New Delhi 110 020 (Del)    PIONEER HDPE pipes and joints Yr.1979 - IS 4984-1995, BS 3284-1967, DIN 8074, DIN 8075, DIN 53482 - (i) Pipes - Dia.: 20-630 mm. (ii) Joints - Flanged joints, insert transition joints and quick release couplers. PIONEER PVC pipes Yr.1992 - IS 4985-1988 PIONEER Sprinklers - Discharge: 20.88-80.75 lpm.
PIONEER POLYFEB LTD 308, Mhujeegam Complex, Station Road, Jaipur (Raj)    PIONEER Pipes Yr.1994 - HDPE, PVC and PE pipes.
GOEL BUILDERS UNIT II Faizabad Road, Near Banarsi Das Engineering College, Chinhat, Lucknow 226 016 (UP)    RC pipes Yr.1990 - Size: 150-1200 mm. Used for drainage, gutters, etc.
HINDUSTAN CEMENT PIPE CO. K-3, IDA, Uppal, Opposite Warner Hindustan Ltd, Hyderabad 500 039 (AP)    RCC pipes and fittings Yr.1985 - Spun and socketed pipes. Dia.: 4-10".
JAIN SPUN PIPE CO. 274, Deepali Enclave, Pitampura, New Delhi 110 034 (Del)    Plastic coated footsteps Yr.1996 - Manufactured by injection moulding process. JSP, DABAS RCC hume pipes Yr.1974 - IS 458-1988 Pre-cast manhole covers & frames Yr.1996 - IS 12592
KK SPUN PIPES B4/52, Azad Apartments, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110 016 (Del)    KK RCC hume spun pipes & vent shafts Yr.1971 - IS 459-1988 - Used for sewerage systems, stormwater drains and culverts.
RAJKOT CEMENT PRODUCTS Bhavnagar Road, Rajkot 360 003 (Guj)    Precast RC products Yr.1956 - ISI 458, IS 12592 - Include spun pipes, manhole covers & frames, lintels and other products.
REMCO ENGINEERING 61, Industrial Area, Kokar, Ranchi 834 005 (Jhk)    RCC hume pipes Yr.1980
SAROJ PIPE UDYOG Subhash Marg, Rakab Ganj, Lucknow (UP)    RC pipes Yr.1990 - Dia: 150-1200 mm. Used for sewer lines.
DUPOLY MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED. DUPRO HIGH PRESSURE PLUNGER PUMPS High-pressure (simplex/ duplex / triplex / quadraplex) plunger pump is a positive displacement pump, which can able to deliver high flow stream at high pressure with high efficiency and handle accurate volume of various fluid. These pump are also known as hydro test pump, power washer, high pressure washing cleaning pump , injection pump, feed pump, proportioning pump .  Dupro High Pressure Hydro Test Pump & Package: Dupro Hydro Test Pump & Packages are designed to deliver flow streams with ultra high pressure. They are used for hydro test of cross country pipelines, Boiler, Columns, heat exchangers, vessels, tanks, silos, pipes, valves, pumps, castings, hoses and numerous other applications. We can offer complete package for HYDRO TEST consisting of hoses, pumps, valves, pipes, tanks, manifolds, with automation and other accessories like pressure gauge, pressure switch, pressure transducers, strainer, Non Return Valve, relief valves, Counters, pulsation dampeners, flow & control equipment, drive, engine, gear box, Anti vibration mounting pad pump mounting shelf, Mobile trolley, Etc.  Dupro High Pressure washing pump & system: Dupro high pressure washing units consists of a robust and sturdy high-pressure triplex plunger pump. Dupro high-pressure washing units are designed to perform under extreme duty condition and provide excellent results to the end users. It is economical in terms of water, electricity, time and manpower consumption. Dupro high pressure washing unit can be provided with any turn key solutions with automation and other accessories like Tanks, Pressure gauge, various type of Nozzle, injector, lances and guns, strainer, Back Pressure and Relief Valves, unloading valve, Pulsation Dampeners, Flow & Control equipment, Drive, Gear box, engine, mobile trolley.   AHMEDABAD  HIGH PRESSURE HYDRO TEST PUMP , HIGH PRESSURE WASHING PUMP , SEWER JETTERS
SHYAM AGARWAL Used for agriculre, drainage. sewer lines, plumbing lines, tubewell, ducting, telecomunication  KOlkata  UPvc pipes and fittings, UPvc SWR pipes and fittings, UPvc casing and screen pipes
RISHI INDUSTRIES We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company manufacturing of SCAFFOLDING ACCESSORIES/cuplock components viz. Top Cup, Cup Nut, Prop Nut, Wing Nut, Jack Nut, Water Stopper/Barrier, Rapid Clamps,Ledger Blade, etc  JALANDHAR  SCAFFOLDING
ORIPLAST /SATYAJIT NAYAK sales marketing job in every where  bhubaneswar  pvc pipes
CHIART MANUFACTURING CO., LTD Fabric-Hose Type 1.25"X50ˊHOSE 1.5"X 50ˊ HOSE 2" X 50ˊHOSE 2.5" X 50ˊ HOSE 3"X 50ˊHOSE 3.5"X 50ˊHOSE 4"X 50ˊHOSE 4.5" X 50ˊHOSE 5"X 50ˊHOSE Note: 1.Our Hose is the best fabric hose made, The hose length is 10ʹto 50ʹ. 2.The work pressure is 1250PSI. 3. Available with Metric or Heavy Duty ends and available with one or two ends. Our hoses ends are heat treated and externally swaged for long life. Wire braid-Hose Type 4"HOSE 5"HOSE 6"HOSE Note: 1.Wire braid hose length is 10ˊ to 65ˊ. 2. The wire braid: 2 plies or 4 plies. Work pressure is 1300PSI or 2000PSI. 3. Available with Metric or Heavy Duty ends and available with one or two ends. Our hoses ends are heat treated and externally swaged for long life. We may also make according to your requirement. If you need further info or have questions, please visit our website: www.chiartcn.com or be free to contact us.   taiyuan  concrete pump parts-hose
M. KAY ASSOCAITES PVT LTD We manufacture ISI marked rigid steel conduit pipe under brand "M.KAY" as both stove enameled and GI  Meerut  ISI Marked Rigid Steel Conduit pipe
SURENDER AGGARWAL cpvc pipe & fitting for hot & cold water distribution in domestic & industrial use  chandigarh,mohali  cpvc pipes & fittings
SHREE METAL INDIA we are dealing in MS Pipe,Tube,Bar,Rod,Sheet,Flat ,Angle,Channel,Round ,Hex ,Square,I Beam etc   Pune  All in Steel & Stainelss Steel
SIDDHAGIRI METALS AND TUBES Siddhagiri Metals and Tubes is one of the Manufacturer & Exporter of inconel round bar suppliers in india .   mumbai  MANUFACTURING